evolution of nairobi museum, snake park

Direction Walk 0.1 km or 1 mins north west from last photo
Location Nairobi, East Africa, Kenya, Africa
Info F 8.0 1/200 with Canon PowerShot A20
Country Kenya State East Africa
City Nairobi Weather Sunny
Near snake park by Yukinori Yamamura Continent Africa
Day Nairobi Day 2 Activity snake park
Date 2007:09:18 11:19:13 Make Canon
Model Canon PowerShot A20 Width 1600
Height 1200 Flash No Flash
Focal 5.4 mm Exposure 1/200
F Number 8.0 Metering Multi-segment
Compensation 0 Hyperfocal 0.80 m
Latitude -1.27366666666667 Longitude 36.8135
Altitude 72.48958588 m File Size 1408 kB
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