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Sao Paulo

Sep 29, 2009 Tue
08:15Sao Paulo
10:15Taxi to Instituto Butantan
Price: 20R
10:36 museu biologico
Instituto Butantan
Price: 6r, 9 to 4pm close Monday
10:37Agora Podem Me Chamar de Ronaldo
10:39 albino burnese python
10:44Crotalus - Rattle snake
10:45 yellow billed puffing snake
10:48 salamanta
10:50 cobra cipo
10:54 cobra cipo
10:54Cobra cipo
10:55 two-keeled whipsnake
10:56 red-eared slider turtle
11:00 jiboia
11:06Indian Piton
11:14 caisaca
11:16Bothrops Neuwiedi
11:18Bothrops fonsecai - coitara
11:20 jararacusu
11:22 egyptian cobra
11:27Tow-headed snake
11:32 toad
11:36 yellow scorpion
11:38Cuidando dos ovos
11:51 cascavel
11:53 instituto butantan
12:03Museu Biologico
12:13Museu Historica
12:15 serum
12:18 snake path
12:18 yellow snake wall
12:21 Museum road
12:35Taxi to MASP
Taxi from Bhutana to MASP
Price: 22R
13:13Siqueira Campos Park
13:14 sao paulo museum of art - masp
13:26 bandeirantes
For some reason, entry is free. Not sure if it happens everyday
13:38 artwork in masp
14:00Lunch at MASP
price: 26R, drinks extra
Looks like everyone is wearing suits
14:02 lunch at masp
14:15MASP Restaurant
Salad and desserts are better than the hot dishes
15:00Metro station in Sao Paulo
Metro in Sao Paulo
Price: 2.55R
No matter where you go, one station or many
But ticket in the blue ticket office, all you say is Um (one)
15:14 avenue paulista from masp
15:36 cup noodle in sao paulo
15:48 golden horseman
16:00 fiesp ciesp sesi senai
16:15Banco Real
16:25Vila Madalena
16:31 metro station in sao paulo
16:41 teddy of vila madelena
16:44 sexy lady on purple wall
16:58 king of boys
17:12 funny house
17:56 chicken whores of sao paulo
17:58 sex shop in sao paulo
19:17Tiete Bus Station
It has buses to everywhere relevant to the tourists
Toilet is 1.25r, the most expensive toilet in the world
19:56 bus to foz do iguazu
19:56 pluma bus to foz do iguassu
Price: 97R
From Tiete bus terminal (go there by Tiete Metro)
20:07:16 Bus Journey begin
Even though it is conventional, it is still quite comfortable.
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