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Brazilian Iguassu

Sep 30, 2009 Wed
07:35Brazilian Iguassu
07:59 pluma bus to iguassu
Price: 97R
Air-con not as cold as others claim, but the driver dressed like an Eskimo.
Leave Tiete at Platform 32 on 8:00pm. Arrive at around 10:50am
08:07Finished breakfast
11:55 iguazu fall entrance
Price: 21.15R
Leave my luggage at the Iguassu Fall.
Lockers big enough for my 70L Backpack + 30L daypack
11:56 brazil iguazu national park
12:11 double decker bus to fall
12:44 hotel das cataratas
Cataratas means waterfall
12:53 sheraton
It is located in Argentina side of the park
13:03 cataratas do iguazu
13:04 iguassu fall branches
13:07 iguazu fall
13:15 thundering water
13:16 brazilian fall
13:18 iguazu fall
13:20 watch tower
13:24 mini fall
13:28 fall in the mist
13:33 bridge to the hell of water
13:33 gateway of waterhell
14:23 lunch place in iguazu
14:24 diablo throat from afar
14:38 lunch by the fall
Vegetarian burger meal
Price: 10r
Buffet is 35r, out of my budget
14:57 coati
14:59 thieving coati
15:01 coatis food
15:11 shuttle bus in iguazu fall park
15:42Parque de Aves
Price: 25r
15:46 red heron
15:51Marron-faced parakeet
15:52 sun parakeet
15:54Hyacinth Macaw
15:56Red and green Macaw
16:01 flamingo
16:06 not a chicken
16:08 toucan attack
16:10 the bird that taste like chicken
16:13 yellow parakeet
16:13 green parakeet
16:14 colorful parakeet
16:14 lime parakeet
16:14 blue headed parakeet
16:19 big toco toucan
16:19 blue headed parakeet
16:21 black bird with blue beak
16:34 fighting toco toucan
16:35 red flaming bird
16:40 iguana
16:47Golden Conures
Previous: yellow big bill = Toco Toucan
16:52 golden conures
16:57 butterfly eye
17:00 hummingbird
17:01 hummingbird hunt for flower
17:02 hummingbird dipping honey
17:02 hummingbird gathering pollen
17:12 green hummingbird
17:19 blue-and-yellow macaw
17:19 blue-and-yellow macaw
17:20 blue-and-yellow macaw and red macaw
19:57Hotel Lilian
20:57Bought Flight to Salta
Andes Airline (It was a brightly lighted shop next to Air Argentina which was very dark and shady).
20:58Dinner near bus terminal
21:06 dinner at bus terminal restaurant
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