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Iguazu Argentina

Oct 01, 2009 Thu
05:00Iguazu Argentina
09:27 hotel lilian
09:45Bus to Iguassu Argentina
The bus is a bit hard to find. The staffs won?t let me enter the bus station by the road, to get to the yellow bus to Iguassu Fall, you need to walk into the Bus station, up the footbridge (on the right), and down into the yellow bus (the sign should say cascata).
Price: 5p
It has a bus around every half an hour?
10:10Iguassu Fall
Price: 20p
First upper trail
Then lower trail
Raining, very wet
10:55 iguazu fall
11:06 salto bossetti
11:21 salto mbigua
11:58 new hope of iguazu
12:03 iguazu palms
12:07 branch
12:28 salto chico
12:37 salto chico
13:00Lunch at Jaguar House
13:04 lunch at jaguar house iguazu
Veggi sandwich: 20 Peso
7-UP: 8 Peso (500ml)
13:45 tourist train in iguazu
14:24 devils throat
14:30 noahs flood
15:47 chu chu train
16:58Bus to Puerto Iguazu
Price: 5p
19:30Dinner at Quilmes
Small pizza: 28p
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