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Igua?u To Salta

Oct 02, 2009 Fri
08:30Igua?u To Salta
09:45Bus to cascata (waterfall)
10:29Macuco trail
Macuco is some kind of bird.
10:55 fallen beauty
11:01 iguazu beetle
11:14Tiger ant
11:21 deflowered leave
11:38 climbing strangler
11:41 salto arrechea
Macuco waterfall
11:45 iguna
Macuco waterfall
11:46 elusive lizard
11:48 iguazu lizard
11:58 strangler
12:01 macuco waterfall
12:10 iguazu caterpillar
12:29 iguazu tiger ant
12:36 tiger ant
12:46 dead tiger ant
12:48 croaching tiger
13:06 croaching tiger hidden ant
13:16 iguazu butterfly
13:19 school of butterfly
13:19 butterfly couple
13:20 world of butterflies
13:21 butterfly threesome
13:24 black butterfly
13:25 working ants carrying food
13:26 butterfly river
13:35 iguazu giant lizard
14:02Flight to Salta
Waiting in airport
Taxi from iguazu waterfall costs 70 Pesos, it may be cheaper to go from town.
14:41 flight to salta

The Andes Online office is new and bright, next to the Aero Argentina office on the main street in Puerto Iguassu (if you can find Aero Argentina in Lonely Planet, you can locate Andes Online).

I booked the flight two nights in advance and they still have seats. They open late. I was there at around 8:00pm. In the flight, they serve fancy biscuits. Planes looks pretty new. It looks better than United Airline.

Flight left at 2:50, 25 minutes early than the time on my ticket (it makes paying premium for the taxi fair worthwhile).
15:00 iguazu rivers from the sky
16:45 shadow of my airplane
16:45 salta city from sky
16:45 shadow of airplane near salta
17:07arrive to salta
17:08Taxi to down town
18:00Marilian Hotel
Price: 184p (I argued it down to 170p)
Nothing fancy but clean and modern, staff is friendly. Seems fair for the price. Free WIFI and internet. Breakfast included
18:23 marilian hotel
18:33Walking downtown
19:11 salta cathedral
19:16 san franciso church
19:38 dinner at biodiet
It is a bit spooky, the owner doesn't seem to expect visitors
Drink cost 8p
vegetarian buffet
price: 10p, so so
dishes are cold
20:21 ciudad feliz
by Andres Sierra
20:21 kick the city
20:22 chaos of beetle
20:43 mac
From the jungle of Iguasu, I flew into the cultured Salta, whereupon I trespass into a private artists gathering. My pants were stained with mud of the Macuco Trail (in Iguazu Fall), while others dressed in elegance. But they were too polite to kick me out or arrest me.

Everybody seemed to know someone else, and everyone was hugging and kissing someone else. There are artworks everywhere, some tacky woodcraft, some photos of shanty houses, and a whole wall of toilet paper, which I stared upon for minutes, trying to deduce the hidden philosophical meaning, but of no avail.
20:49 catedral at night
20:54 reflection of the catedral
20:57 sois fuertes
21:06 history museum
21:15 flip dancer
21:15 salta dancer
21:16 inverted pyramid dance
21:17 v-shaped explosion
21:19 one-handed stand
21:22 kick dancing
21:24 walking on invisible wall
21:27 paz concert
It is some sort of Peace concert with dancing and music.
21:33 shoe store
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