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Quebrada de Cafayate

Oct 04, 2009 Sun
09:00Quebrada de Cafayate
09:35 hostal del valle
10:04Rio Colorado
10:31 vineyard of cafayate
10:40 cafayate vineyard
10:46 cactus in cafayate
12:06 bird painting at cafayate
12:07 ancient rock painting in cafayate
12:07 las pintura rupestre
Rock painting in Cafayate
12:09 moon shaped rock painting
Rock painting in Cafayate
12:12 ancient pac-man rock painting
12:12 ancient cave
12:16 rock painting
It could be rock painting, or may be not
12:24 entrance to stone age cave
12:25 caveman art
12:26 caveman horse
12:27 abstract ancient art
12:27 cafayate
12:29 ufo rock painting
12:29 dinosaur rock painting
12:38 rain holes
12:40 stone age rocks
12:45 sign pointing to rock painting
13:08 dead toad
13:58 heladeria miranda
Wine ice cream. It was OK, not rich enough. The milk is too thin.
14:02 vino ice cream
Get drunk by eating ice Cream
Cabaret and torrentes?
14:47Quebrada tour
15:30 ship chimney rock
15:31 train engine rock
15:32 flight tower formation
15:34 peeping toms hole
15:35 the face
15:38 quartz
15:44 the devil
15:48 the eagle
15:49 the quebrada
15:55 lizard
16:07 sheer cliff
16:22El Obelisco
16:51 multicolored rocks
17:08 valley of colors
17:10 painted valley
17:12 layered rocks
17:15 quebrada de cafayate
17:19 quebrada de cafayate
17:31 dead finger in quebrada
17:48 el sapo - the toad
The stone toad/frog
18:07 garganta del diablo
18:08 throat of diablo
18:10 garganta del diablo
18:18Diablo la Garganta
Devil?s throat
18:21 diablo la garganta
19:59Dinner at Resturante Colorado
20:36bus to Iryna
8:30, 10:30
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