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Oct 06, 2009 Tue
10:14History museum
Price: 3p
Open 9:00am to 6:00pm close Monday
Divided into pre colonial, colonial, and period of independence
10:22 crying man
10:23 obessed meditator
10:24 laughing jar
10:24 pig head
10:27 old baby
10:28 ancient dentist
10:33 colonial sheepman
10:36 salta history museum
10:39 arc of museum
10:51 salta history museum courtyard
10:56 spanish solider
11:00 protraits of argentina presidents
11:00a to 7:00p
Close Monday
It is a tiny museum. The main attraction is the stories of the scarified children. Of the 3, the boy, the girl of lightening, and the maiden
I think only the Girl of Lightening is in display. No photograph allowed inside.
13:17 water truck
The mark on Lonely Planet is wrong
13:21 hotel del antigvo convento
The mark on Lonely Planet is wrong
13:23 iglesia convento san bernardo
The mark on Lonely Planet is wrong
13:24 carmelo de st bernardoano
13:25 lamp of convento
13:26 iglesia convento san bernardo
13:31 old car
13:44 museo de antropologia
13:56 busy mother
13:56 child and his mom
13:57 head of gazelle
14:04 ancient pots
14:08 black faces
by Patricia F. Juarez
14:08 black faces
by Patricia F. Juarez
14:15 rock art in salta
14:25General Guemes
Hero of Independence
15:35 salta cerro san bernardo panorama
15:45 waterfall of cerro san bernardo
16:14 cerro san bernardo race track
16:16 cerro san bernardo tv tower
16:17 mount san bernardo eletric box
16:24 dead tree on cerro san bernardo
16:38 overview from cerro san bernardo
16:47 salta city panorama
16:48 cerro san bernardo cable car
16:58 salta panorma
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