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Oct 07, 2009 Wed
09:22Bus from Salta to Jujuy
Company: Balut
Price: 23p
Double Decker bus, semi-cama, very comfortable.
Time: 9:30, 10:30
Company: Flecha
9:00, 11:45, price 23p
Company: La Veloz
Didn?t check the time
11:45Bus arrive Jujuy
The Balut bus stopped everywhere, finally arrive at Jujuy
If arrive at 45 minutes earlier, I can make the 11:00am bus to Purmamarca
12:17 jujuy bus station
Compare to Salta, what a dump

Finally found a bus leaving at 13:00 to Purmamarca
There are many buses, but all leaving at inconvenient time.
13:00Bus to Purmamarca
JamaBus, From Jujuy to Tilcara via Purmamarca
Price: 9p
14:15Bus Terminal Purmamarca
JamaBus Purmamarca to Tilcara
7:05 arr 7:45, 11:15 arr 12:00, 14:15 arr 15:00,
Evelia SA
11:15am to Tilcara

14:18 purmamacrca bus station
14:30 el pequeno inti
Price: 90p
Includes Breakfast, private bathroom.
It is a small hotel but clean and comfortable
14:51Purmamarca walk
14:55Purmamarca Centro
14:57Iglesia Santa Rosa de Lima
The Church of Purmamarca
14:59 iglesia santa rosa de lima
15:18 purmamarca
15:27 purmamarca hills
In retrospect I have walked so far...
15:40 cactus
15:41 lone flower
standing in the desert, alone
15:41 lone flower
15:42 lonesome
standing in the desert, alone
15:45 path into hills
15:53 bicycle
15:56 purmamarca hills
15:59 mutated rocks
15:59 rock tumor
16:00 rock forest
16:02 purmarmarca view
16:03 trail behind purmamarca
16:07 path to seven colored view
16:07 purmamarca hills
16:10 seven color trail
My silly camera can?t capture all the wonderful colors of the fairy land.
16:14 horse range
My silly camera can?t capture all the wonderful colors of the fairy land.
16:16 shoudler
16:19 fairy tale forest
16:19 hill of clouds
16:19 fairy land in purmamarca
16:20 twisted road
16:24 horse in fairyland
16:30 fairy tale villa
16:36 los colorados
The futuristic hotel.
16:38 los colorados
The futuristic hotel.
16:43 fairyland football
16:44 child playing football
16:48 dancing with soccer
16:57 travelers tomb
17:00 green rolling mountain
17:31 spiky flowers
17:36 remains of sea urchins
17:38 cactus hill
17:46 path to seven color hill
18:05 seven colored mountain
18:05 seven colored hill
18:06 purmarmarca sunset
18:07 farmland in purmarmarca
18:07 sidehill
18:08 seven colored mountain
19:00 secret path to seven color mountain overview
19:43Wait for dinner
19:49 purmarmarca church
20:07 dinner at los morteris
They don't open until 8:00pm... very late
Looks like a good restaurant with good atmosphere
Ordered a veggie tortilla
The waiter doesn't seem to care about business very much
20:11 vegetarian tortilla
Price: 28p
It is some sort of omelet.
20:25Finish dinner
Finish dinner in 20 minutes. Dinner was good, but didn?t like the service very much.
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