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Oct 08, 2009 Thu
09:15Walk around town
09:51 ancient tree of purmarmarca
09:59Mountain of seven colors
10:02 seven colored hill
10:03 purmarmarca village
10:07 hill of seven colors
10:10 forest of purmarmarca
10:11 purmarmarca cemetry
10:36 black ribbon
10:38 black ribbon gate
10:46 fit for clothing
10:59 window side cactus
Price: 3p
From Tilcara to Humahuaca
Balut: 13:45, 22:05
JamaBus 15:50 vs Humahuaca, else La Quaca
6:15, 7:45, 8:00 direct, 9:25, 10:20, 10:55 direct...
10:20 Humahuaca
6:30, 7:30, 8:20, 9:30, 10:15, 11:20...

In Iruya, there is a hotel, Hospedaje Asunta, price: 25p.
To get there, from where bus drop off, walk straight 100m to find it (go through the alley beside the church)...
12:30 hotel turismo de tilcara
Price: 98p for single
Room are small and dark, looks dated, but with balcony and some sort of view.
13:17 iron bridge
A pre-Inca fort
Price: 10p
Close at 5:30pm
13:17 ud se encuentra to pukara altura del puente
13:19 pukara
13:27Jardin Botanico de altura
Better call it the graveyard of Cactuses
13:28 cactus
13:31 vicunita
Oreocereus celsianus
13:34 tuna cultivada
Opuntia Ficus Indicus
13:38 death of cactus
Pukara in Quechua means fortress.
13:46 lama
13:47 pukara entrance
13:48 box of pigeon
13:53 pucara
13:55 entrance sector
Roof is made of Cactus
13:59House around entrance
14:04 cactus flowers
14:08 cactus bird
14:13 collapsed walls
14:17 necropolis
14:21Cistas - tomb
14:23 burial ground
14:30 cactus mountain
14:39 cactus shadow
14:40 dead cactus
14:43Centro ceremonial
14:45 giving cactus
14:47Welcome to Tilcara
14:49 pukara rio grande
14:55Rio Grande
14:57 the monument
14:58 the monument arch
14:59 arch way of pukara
15:01 residents mounment
15:04 pukara mounment
15:12 pukara mounment
15:13 stockyard area
15:14 stockyard area
15:25 skyscraper cactus
15:29 cactus bird
15:35 ufo crop circle
15:43 ancient seaweed
16:01Walking around Tilcara
There is something scary about the wind. It has no shape, yet everything shiver at its sight.
16:36 dinner-lunch at lapena
16:43 dinner-lunch at lapena
The only restaurant opens at 5:00pm
The artworks are lively, with recorded music, good ambience.
The restaurant is at the central plaza. Good service, recommended
17:16 pasta at lapena
18:49 tilcara church
18:54 writing on face
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