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Oct 09, 2009 Fri
09:55Garganta del Diablo
Trail to Devil?s throat
Price: 3P for entrance
Distance: around 3.6km one way
Go to the Iron Bridge which leads to Pukara. A big sign says Garganda del Diablo points to the left, follow the road. At the first sign, turn right if you walk, turn left if you drive....
As you walk you see an intersection, one goes up, another goes down, go up. If you are still driving on this walking path, you are screwed... time for U-Turn.
Walk about 1.5 hr, some uphill, until you see the sign Garganda del Diablo, here is the place they ask for 3 peso entrance fee... I don't think they are official, if you don't pay I think you can still pass, but the "warden" has several kids to raise, consider it a charity. She is nice enough to give you a brochure (which you can obtain from the tourist office with elusive opening hour).
From there descend to the gorge, the view is astounding, the path not too dangerous. You will hit a point you can either go left or right, left to the waterfall.... down to the dam, again choice of left or right, left goes to the waterfall... at the bottom of the gorge you have to fork a mini river hundreds of time, dry season, you can probably survive with dry feet with some fancy Gortex boots or a pair of cheap sandals, wet season, better learn to swim.
10:10 tilcara
10:21 blue jesus jeep
10:30 tapia 27102
10:34 trail to garganta del diablo
10:35 devil throat trail
10:36 aqueduct
10:49 diablo hiker
10:52 vast canyon
10:53 diablo canyon
10:55 diablo valley
10:59 steep trail
10:59 german hiker
11:04 lone hut in garganta del diablo
11:06 hello kitty in garganta del diablo
11:13 gps dog
11:15 garganta del diablo entrance
11:17 diablo clifface
11:25 sector dfi igroso
11:42 mineral rock
11:45 black bird with red beak
11:46 diablo waterfall
11:49 devil waterfall
12:00 hello kitty and diablo waterfall
12:01 hello kitty in diablo waterfall
12:03 hello kitty in diablo valleg
12:11 tadpoles of baby frogs
12:23 cliff side sewage
12:24 diablo waterway
14:27Lunch at Lapena again
15:20Museum of Jose Antonio Terry
15:29 museum of jose antonio terry
15:33 red antique car
15:35 bienvenidos a tilcara
15:35Welcome to Tilcara
15:39 church of the virgin of the rosary
15:43 lavalle mura
15:46 tomb of church
15:47 terrace of church
15:47 pigeon on window sill
15:49 basketball church
15:56 windows of huanted house
15:57 karka doors
15:59 closed doors
16:01 homeless door closed home
16:02 number 2 door
16:08History Museum
16:37 museo soto avendano of tilcara
Price: 10p
Share the same ticket with Pukara (so don't throw your ticket away)
No photos allowed inside.
20:00Hotel Tourismo Tilcara
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