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Oct 10, 2009 Sat
07:38 meaning of travel
This morning, in my dream, I finally found the meaning of traveling...
Suppose you wake up in a strange house, what is the most natural thing to do? You will look at every corner of the house to see what is there, perhaps that will give you some clue why you are in the house...
Traveling is the same, to find the clues of why we are in this world, we travel to different countries, and searching for clues? perhaps we can find out why we are here in this world.
07:48Direct Bus from Tilcara to Iruya
Panamericano De Jujuy S.A.
Price: 19P
Scheduled to be 8:00am but left 10 minutes early
Also have bus at 8:30am by another company
08:33Arrive Humahuaca
10:28 condor pass - bus from tilcara to iruya
10:29 condor pass
The bus stops for 5 minutes to allow passengers to take photos
10:35 condor pass
10:41 road to iruya
12:21 hospedaje clarisa
12:21Hospedaje Clarisa
Price: 20p per bed
Room is clean enough
Have to fight really hard to get a room with view.
The family lives upstairs. They have a very antique computer.
12:27 masked dancers
12:30 iruya horsemen
12:32 iruya masked woman
12:33 blue beard man with whip
12:33 horse general
12:35 bearded man in blue robe
12:36 general looking into wallet
12:40 blissfullness
12:43 paper horse
12:51 lamp post of iruya
12:52 bus from tilcara to iruya
12:55 bus from iruya to humahuaca
12:58 iruya church
13:00 iruya church
13:01 high altitude football
13:03 high altitude football
13:05 church window
13:07 brother and sister
13:12 windows of poor family
13:18 pre school windows
13:22 wooden dog ride
13:26 iruya spiky plants
13:33 iruya cross
13:33Iruya Cross
13:34 high altitude football
13:36 iruya holy cross
13:59Lunch at Hosteria Iruyna
It is a long wait in Hosteria Iruyna
They seem only have one person in whole restaurant serving
Ordered a sprite, a soup of verdula and a tortila of something, don't expect my lunch to be coming soon.
13:32:53 still waiting for lunch
but the bread was pretty good
13:43:25 Sopa de Vardue 12p, pretty good veggie soup
The food is not bad but do bring lots of patient, they have exactly one person serving, also multitask as cook perhaps
There are some bits of ham in my tortilla, but they are not too difficult to pick out.
Lunch is good
Total price of lunch is 42 Peso, sounds reasonable.
14:13 bread basket at hosteria iruyna
14:46 lunch at hosteria iruyna
15:15Debris trail

15:18 town of iruya
15:37 clinging to cliffside
15:39 hello kitty on holy cross trail
15:45 hello kitty looking down on iruya
15:50Federico III
Price: around 180p
16:00 iruya houses
16:33 flower door
16:45 pig pens
16:46 donkey road
16:48 broken windows
16:50 federico iii
16:54 iruya girl
16:57 dogs attack donkey
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