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Iruya and San Isidro trail

Oct 11, 2009 Sun
09:30Iruya and San Isidro trail
10:57Trail to Isidro
I thought it was only two hour walk, so I didn't bring much water.

The trail starts from the plaza of Iruya (behind the church, where Federico III Hostel is), there is some pig pens, if you can't see it, use your nose. Walk down the ramp and cross what should have been a beautiful waterfall (but it was filled with garbage). Go through a pass and follow the road from there.

The first part is easy, just stroll through the village... but then the trail lead to the left of the valley, you then have to fork through many little creeks, if you don't mind wetting your feet, then it is easy, else you have to figure out the point of forking for each little creek. It took me 4 hrs to get there, the road ends when you reach San Isidro. You have to climb very steep stairs/ramps to reach there (so save some energy at the end). There are two ramps going up (both on your right hand side), choose the 1st one, the 2nd one goes nowhere. You will see a pretty church there, and they do sell bottled water there, so refill for the trip back. It took me 4 hours to go there (it was a hidden elevation), but only 1.5hr to return (when I refilled myself with water).
11:07 roadside donkey
11:16 isidro trail
11:17 iruya hills
11:21 dry valley
11:43 old mountain
11:49 tadpoles
12:05 wild donkey
12:41 donkey crossing
13:06 hil entrance
13:07 donkey crossing river
13:43 road to isidro
13:47 isidro church
13:48 donkey and pig
14:05 san isidro cow windows
14:25 faith of boy
14:26 girl in church
14:26 brothers and sister
14:27 isidro boys
14:43 isidro church
14:46 isidro football field
15:27 hostile donkey
16:55 raising argentina flag
16:57 iruya flag
17:24 iruya horseman
17:28 lone shoe
18:09Dinner at El Caucillar
Doesn't look like a good restaurant but it is open...not vegetarian friendly either.
Ordered 2 cheese dumpling for 5P
French fries for 6P
Sprite for 5P
Some dessert for 7P
The waitress, owner, hotel reception and cook is all one person. Luckily, she only has one customer.
I am so tired, I don't really care....
18:51 strange dessert in el caucillar
It was OK, not good, but OK. It is some sort of jello/cheese combo.
19:31 iruya sunset
19:32 hospedaje clarisa
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