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Iruya to Humahuaca

Oct 12, 2009 Mon
09:05Iruya to Humahuaca
10:14Cerro Condor Trail in Iruya
See the condors face to face and rise above the clouds.

The trail started from the village across Iruya. You can see the trail (NOT to reach the trail) from the Cross at the top of Iruya (above Hosteria Iruya). It looks very steep and high from far away, but it isn't.

From the church of Iruya you can see the village across with the football field. Follow the main street of the football field village, it will go up and up until it exit the boundary of the village and rise up into the mountain. It is pretty high, around 500m to 600m elevation (more than 3200m high) I think...

The trail is well maintained, good enough for a donkey to pass (they have frequent donkey traffic). To see the condors, you need to start in the morning. I started at around 10:30am, reached 3050m at around noon. A giant shadow swooped down on me. I could have mistaken it with a dragon. And I saw three Andean condors hovered above me, almost close enough for me to touch.

Too bad I have a bus to catch... I was so close to the top (at around 3200m), in an afterthought, maybe I should have forgot the bus... There are always buses, but only once a life time to climb a mountain this beautiful. It even beat the trail to San Isidro (which I thought was quite excellent).

Yes, at the end I did catch my bus but missed the mountain...
10:16 garbage collection in iruya
10:25 lazy donkeys
10:27 stealing glance
10:32 iruya
10:39 condor trail church
10:39 bienvenidos a iruya
11:02 iruya village
11:27 donkey lady
11:31 iruya valley
11:52 hello kitty on condor trail
12:10 flying condor
12:11 condor gliding over valley
12:11 condor rising with warm air
12:14 ufo landing site
12:26 iruya valley
12:32 sprite in iruya
12:33 hello kitty in iruya
12:33 hello kitty iruya
14:00Bus to Humahuaca
Panamericano 2:00pm exit
Just on time to catch the bus
Perfect timing, the bus was crowded. Even the seats are assigned; you still have to arrive early to ensure it wasn?t taken by someone else. Of course you can ask them to leave, but if some senior Argentinean villagers sat on your seat, you would be too embarrassed to ask, right?
17:17 residencial humahuaca
Bus from Iruya to Humahuaca only takes 3 hours.
Bus from Humahuaca to La QUIACA (there are lots):
JamaBus 9:00, 11:05, 15:15, 21:15, 4:25am
Balut: 2:20, 2:40, 4:15, 4:45, 10:10, 12:05, 15:10, 20:20
El Quiaquend: 9:25, 11:45, 14:45, 16:45, 20:45, 23:20 (rapid)
17:17Residencial Humahuaca
Price: 80p
Seems just for the price
Includes private bathroom, breakfast included (7:30am to 10:00am)
18:07 escuela de maestros normales regionales
Missed it when arriving from the bus station. It was south of the station.
18:10 residencial colonial
Missed it when arriving from the bus station. It was south of the station.
18:11 windows of humahuaca
Missed it when arriving from the bus station. It was south of the station.
18:13 san francisco church
18:19Dinner at Bus Station Restaurant
19:34 vegetarian ravioli at humahuaca bus station restaurant
It doesn't serve dinner until 7:00pm
That really sucks........ nothing to eat...........
they are very picky about the 7:00pm dinner time.

Price: 18p
It was OK but service is slow.
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