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Bolivian Border

Oct 14, 2009 Wed
08:00Bolivian Border
08:42Breakfast at Residencial Humahuaca
Time changed to Bolivian time, -1 hr compare to Argentina time
09:17Bus to La Quiaca
Company: EL Quiaquend
Time: suppose to leave on 9:25am
Price: 16p

Bus was on time, it was not bad, a new double decker, other than all seats are full, it is perfect.

The bus is showing some zombie movie with limbs chopping off and blood gushing out -- perfect for the viewing of family and kids which made up of the majority of passengers on the bus. Obviously, the kids here are not as sissy as their counterparts in North America.

In Abra Pampa, lots of people got off the bus, finally I got my seat, happy.
09:32 protest in la quiaca
09:58 statue in la quiaca
10:07 ant workers in villazon
10:21La Quiaca
So some workers are on strike, I have to Hike 4km with a 70L Backpack to cross the border, never expected this kind of hiking today.

I learned how an atomic clock worked from a French physics student...
12:13Waiting for bus to Tupiza
12:23 simon bolivar in villazon
12:28 villazon church
12:31 villazon murals
13:23Plazoleta Simon Bolivar
13:28Villazon Church
13:31Villazon Bus Station Mura
14:28Bus to Tupiza
Company: Flota Chorolque
Time: 14:30
Price: 10B
The bus is... well? it moves
Bus to Potosi leaving at?
10:30am, 10:00am, 9:00pm
17:59 tupiza cathedral
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