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Salar de Uyuni ? Day 2

Oct 16, 2009 Fri
05:00Salar de Uyuni ? Day 2
05:39 colonial ruins of san antonio
05:42 colonial ruins of san antonio
05:43 llama graveyard
05:46 mysterious lunar symbol
05:48 devil wall
05:55 devilish vizcacha long tail rabbit
06:24 torreon
06:40Ghost town
According to legend, here lives the Diablo. Every day, he counts the sand. When he finishes counting sand, the world will end. Luckily, every night, the sand he counts will blow back to the same place, so our world won?t be ending any time soon (until the Diablo develop some electronic sand counting technology).
Also according to legend, the people who lives here goes mad.

Diablo?s pet: Devil Rabbit. According to our tour guide, it will swallow you whole if we dare to get off the jeep?
07:21 torreon 4855m
07:28 torreon
08:14 iced river
08:26 midway village
08:26 bano girl
08:30 bano toilet
08:31 mountain in a tire
09:15 dead bicycle tire
09:24 moss lake
09:36 middle of nowhere
10:07 laguna morejon
10:07 yellow desert
10:12 laguna morejon
10:12 laguna morejon
10:14 jeep near laguna morejon
10:25 flamingos in laguna morejon
10:25 flying flamingos in laguna morejon
10:26 flamingos in laguna morejon
10:44 on way to quetena
11:36 quetena
11:41 springs of chalviri
12:54Lunch at Hot Spring area
12:57 desert of volcanic rocks
12:58 volcano licancabur
12:58 desert of dali
13:33 laguna verde
13:33 laguna verde
13:34 lago verde
13:38 barium at laguna verde
13:41 love birds in laguna verde
13:58 volcano licancabur
14:01 volcano licancabur
14:06 volcano licancabur
14:06 photographer at volcano licancabur
14:07 volcano
14:23 desert of dali
14:23 tombs of volcanic rocks
14:33Lake near Laguna Verde
15:15 geysers
15:16 sol de manana geysers
16:42 salt hotel
16:43 hotel near laguna colorada
Potassium, favorite food of the James flamingos
17:43Hotel Laguna Color
Not exactly luxury, but it was an improvement from last night
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