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Salar de Uyuni - Last Day

Oct 18, 2009 Sun
05:00Salar de Uyuni - Last Day
05:47Salar Sun Rise
06:02 salar de uyuni sunrise
06:30Island of Piscado
Aka Island of the fish
It is now known as Island of Incas
06:43 catus of isla del pescado
06:45 isla del pescado and salar de uyuni
06:48 tallest catcus
06:49 cactuses in salar de uyuni
06:51 isla del pescado
06:57 isla del pescado
06:57 vizcacha in isla del pescado
06:59 vizcacha in isla del pescado
06:59 vizcacha in isla del pescado
07:00 island of fish
07:06 island of the fish
07:07 sign on isla del pescado
07:10 hello kitty in isla del pescado
07:13 hello kitty in spiky cactus
07:14 salt lake cactus island
07:22 cactus desert
9 meters tall, about 900 years old
07:25 isla del pescado
07:52 emu of isla del pescado
07:53 emu and my shadow
07:54 emu in salt lake
08:02 patting emu
08:08 hello kitty and emu
08:10 emu in salar de uyuni
08:16 penguin hello kitty and emu
08:33 biking in salar de uyuni
09:02 salar de uyuni
09:03 my shadow in salar de uyuni
09:09 wine and salar de uyuni
09:09 sunglass in salar de uyuni
09:11 hello kitty and salar de uyuni
09:14 tiger attack jeep in salar de uyuni
09:31 penguin and me
09:34 photographing in salar de uyuni
09:38 penguin hello kitty and my hat
09:53 pen and hello kitty
09:55 hello kitty and the jeeps
10:30Salt Museum
10:42 salt museum
10:43 flags in salt museum
10:43 swimming pool in salt museum
10:45 statues in salt museum
10:46 llama in salt museum
10:46 big ben in salt museum
10:46 knights of round table
10:48 eagle in salt museum
10:48 salt lady
10:55Salt Mine
11:00 iodized salt processing plant in colchani
11:01 colchani
11:03 salt worker in colchani
11:15 brothers in colchani
11:21 old truck in colchani
11:25 broken window of the old truck
11:41 caps in colchani
11:43 salt worker in colchani
12:17 toilet of salt hotel
12:27Tour contacts
Edgar Huayta (recommended)
good guide from Tupiza Tour
only 22 years old
Rannoo Christopher:
the Red Nissan Patrol seems to be more robust than the Toyota Landcruiser, both is antique
12:35 kitchen of salt hotel
12:39 beds for seven dwarfs
13:38 iron maiden
14:15Hotel Julia
14:16 hotel julia
Price: 80p
Pretty decent with hot water, breakfast included, private bathroom for 80B, shared bath for 60p
TV (no remote)
18:02Uyuni Bus Station
Bus companies leaving from Uyuni to Potosi
Quiyarro: 9:30 and 18:00
Trans Tours: 10:30am
Trans American: 10:00am, 18:30 (looks most promising to be comfortable)
Tons of other buses leave for Potosi on 10:00am
18:19 uyuni clock tower
Located at the center of the city
18:24Dinner at la Casa del Turista
Mexican food with big advertising for vegetarian plates
The complex vegetarian plate I ordered doesn't exis, so I ordered some veggie soup for 12B, enchilada for 27B and Sprite.
The quantity is better than the quality.
18:43 vegetarian soup and mexican food
La Casa del Turista
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