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To Potosi

Oct 19, 2009 Mon
06:30To Potosi
07:46Breakfast at Julia Hotel
I have an orange juice
08:21Uyuni Flag Raising Ceremony
08:27 soldier parade in uyuni
08:28 flag rising in uyuni
08:30 school kids in uyuni
08:31 flag raising ceremony
08:34 gorbachev in uyuni
08:35 school day in uyuni
08:35 bikes in uyuni
08:37 soldiers in uyuni
08:37 bolivian army
08:38 bolivian flag
08:39 bolivian music
08:41 bolivian dog
08:43 bolivian soliders marching
08:48 evo for president
08:53 church in uyuni
08:56 iron worker
08:58 iron maiden
08:58 iron maiden and the railway relic
09:00 railway cart
09:02 bolivian heroes
09:08 llama bar
09:30 trans america bus to potosi from uyuni
Price: 30B
09:32Bus to Potosi
The bus is OK, not luxury but in decent shape
Time: 10:00 am
09:57:09 Bus leaves from terminal
The right hand side has better views
10:32 status of rose mary
10:47 barren mountain
11:05 on way to potosi
11:53 school girls near potosi
13:58 boulders
How can a country this beautiful be so poor?
14:09 porcupine desert
14:13 boulder army
16:02 bart simpson resturant
16:10 portest in potosi
16:31 jerusalem hotel in potosi
16:31Hotel Jerusalem
Price: 140B
Private bathroom
include breakfast
TV, towel, soap, dated and no view but rooms are relatively clean.
17:17 arch near potosi catedral
17:18 statue of liberty in potosi
17:57Dinner at 4046
18:07 vegetarian soup of 4046
4046 is the altitude of Potosi
The service seems pretty lame, the waiter is not happy to serve, did I disturb his break? ...after a while, the attitude of the waiter warm up to be better.
I ordered a quesadilla.
Soup of asparagus
The food quality good
The ambient is also good
Total price: 43B
18:50La Cathedral at night
18:54 jesuit church at night
19:05 santa teresa
The previous church was close to Koala tour (Jesuit Church)
19:14 san bernado church
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