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Oct 20, 2009 Tue
08:54Santa Teresa
08:54Breakfast at Jerusalem
08:55 breakfast at jerusalem hotel
Buffet breakfast, you can order eggs from the counter.
09:19 st lorenzo church
09:32 casac nacional de moneda
The mint of the Spanish empire
09:42Santo Domingo
09:44Cerro Rico
09:46 pary orcko
09:49 pink santa teresa church
09:54 jesuit church at daytime
With an antique facade but a modern innards
Price: 10B
To go to the second floor...
It is a strange place...
09:56 iron horse
With an antique facade but a modern innards
Price: 10B
To go to the second floor...
It is a strange place...
09:56 iron dragon
10:01 primary school
10:02 pary orcko tower
10:03 royal mint and cathedral
10:04 cerro rico
10:05 san lorenzo
10:07 downward stairway from belfry
10:07 pary orcko tower and entel
10:08 santa teresa
10:09 royal mint
10:09Royal Mint
10:10 cerro rico from jesuits church
10:12 colegio santa rosa
10:13 courtyard of jesuit church
10:23Casac Nacional de Moneda
Need minimum of 5 people to organize an English Tour
Price: 20B
Camera extra 20B
Tour starts at 9:00am and 10:30am
10:25 face near escritura notarial
10:32 royal mint couryard
10:35 mountain that eats man
11:01Royal Mint
A replica of the galleon sank at 1622
Some silver coins
Some machines to make coins using animals
11:15 machine to make coins
11:28Used to hold the graphite of the Ingots
11:40History room
with a child mummy
11:43 child mummy
11:45 royal mint hallway
11:58 fountain face
11:59 nuns and national mint
12:20Lunch at La Manzana Magica
12:22 cafe la manzana magica
Located at Ouro 239, north of the market and Mint
It has some local touch
The chairs are corner chairs, interesting
It is a vegetarian restaurant.
I ordered a vegetarian plate and some veggie cream soup (the soup is quite good) and sprite.
It only have 5 tables and get very crowded at lunch time (has to share tables)
I would recommend it to vegetarians.
12:37 veggie plata
Cafe La Manzana Magica
13:22Mine Tour
Compnay: Koala Tours
Price: 100B
About 15% of the fee goes to the miners
Include transport to mine, jacket, pants, boots, hardhead and headlamp, mask not included
Have to buy some gifts for the miners, didn't feel too safe with a whole van of dynamite gifts.
The job of the miners are harsh, I know that without going down there.
14:03 avid miners
14:22 dinabol - real dynamites
14:30 coca leaves
14:43 silver mineral from potosi mine
14:46 mineral extraction machine
14:48 grinding machine
14:49 filtering machine
14:51 watering machine
14:52 crying miner
15:08 mount cerro
15:31 canadian miner
15:35 franeisco toled
15:35 ceo of miners
15:37 miner with live dynamite
15:38 devil of the mine
15:46 old miner
16:08 young miner
16:11 pulling miners
16:11 mineral cart
16:12 working miners
16:55 green tea ice-cream dynamite
16:58 tourist with live dynamite
16:59 happy photo with live dynamites
17:00 dynamite explosion
17:08 my dirty filter
20:00dinner time at Cafe La Manzana Magica
Ordered a pizza Vegetariana at Cafe La Manzana Magica
The owner is a very nice guy because he gave 2 pieces of bread to the poor kids.
I am upgrading this restaurant to Recommended.

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