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Sucre ? Cal Orcko

Oct 22, 2009 Thu
05:00Sucre ? Cal Orcko
09:02Wake up
09:15 liberal hotel breakfast room
09:28Dino Truck
At the plaza near the corner of the cathedral
09:40Casa de la Libertad
09:50 casa de la libertad
09:55 bolivian presidents
09:57 carved cabin
11:06 lidia gueiler tejada
11:06 painting of evo
The statue was made in one wooden piece.
Bolivian flag: red is blood, yellow is mineral, green is forest
Sucre used to be called La Plata
It was getting rich because of Potosi
11:11Jesuit Chapel
Used to be Jesuit chapel, this used to be a convent (but Jesuit didn't call them so)
11:12 box made by aboriginal people
Jesuit brings musical instructions, later suspected for building an independent country, therefore they were prosecuted.
11:14 jesuit piano
11:25Wander around city
11:30 university
11:41 la cathedral
11:52 simon bolivar
11:53 jose bernardo monteagudo
1786 - 1825
La Patria
11:58 cathedral
12:11Lunch at El Germin
12:18 vegetarian soup at el germin
It comes with a flying ant
12:25 set lunch at el germin
There is a books exchange, but unlike what it said in Lonely Planet, the service is slightingly fast (at least when you ordered the set lunch which is 17B include soup, main course and dessert and drink...)
12:50Wander in Sucre
13:04 dino truck
13:10 san francisco church
13:20Simon Bolivar Park
13:28 supreme court
13:29 column near supreme court
13:30 supreme court guard
13:31 sucre supreme court
13:34 hot lovers on eiffel tower
13:38 grass painting
13:43 policia nacional
13:51 el pueblodelia
Monolith, city of Buneso Aries
14:22 dino truck
You can take the Dino Truck to Cal Orcko (Dinosaur Footprints Park)
Price: 15B
Park entrance: additional 30B for foreigners
You have one hour to tour the park
Most tourists are Bolivian, so the guide usually only speaks Spanish. But the good natured guide gave some English explanation, even though I was the only foreigner (well... I did pay 3 times more than locals...)
14:54 grass eating dinosaur
14:58 tyrantsaur
14:58 thundersaur
15:09 tyrannosaurus - trex
15:11 noah doomer
15:11 sonicsaur
15:14 crocosaur
15:16 turtlesaur
15:17 snake necked herbosaur
15:18 herbosaur baby
15:19 twisted tail
15:20 dinaosur footprints
15:21 cal orcko footprints
15:23 herbosaur footprints
15:23 vertical footprints
15:44 missing link dinosaur
15:45 dinosaur eggs
15:47 burrowsaur
15:57 colorful bones
15:58 flying dinosaur
15:59 ac window
16:50Military Museum
Guided by a cadet
The tour is in Spanish only (but I understand 80% of the content).
Mostly concern with the Chaco war between Bolivia and Paraguay, some artifacts in independent war and pacific war (with Chile)
and a bit with the guerilla war with the communist, El Ced
Price: 10B+15B (camera)
17:24 military museum
17:44Wander around city
17:45 iglesia de la merced
17:49 convento de san felipe neri
17:52 doggy porn
17:53 extreme beasility sex
17:54 convento de san felipe neri
18:12 cathedral
18:17Dinner at La Posada
18:36 tomatoes creama in la posada
The Soup is good.
Bread is not heated, but it is good bread
Set Menu: soup, main course, dessert for 30b, but that's only for lunch?
so it kind of sucks...
The service is not very attentive, but it may because I show up too early for dinner...
Ordered a tomatoes cream soup for 15B
Vegetarian omelet for 25B
And also a sprite
Total: 41B
18:53 vegetarian omelet in la posada
The food is good, of whatever you would expect from a vegetarian omelet.
Price: 25B
19:21Sucre 200 year
25 de Mayo 1809 to 2009
19:44 la union es la fuerza
19:58 marching band
20:02 soldier band
20:08 great white horn
20:14 sleeping baby
20:23 marching band
20:44 sucre fireworks
21:05 tall party man
21:11 sucre fireworks
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