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To Corumba

Oct 28, 2009 Wed
09:00To Corumba
09:45Breakfast at Hotel Viru Viru
11:47To Airport
12:49 santa cruz airport
14:38:14 waiting to take off
Price: 500B (economic)
15:00 to 16:00
14:44:43 Flight leaving runway
15:50 flight from santa cruz to corumba
... so where to pick up my luggage?
15:57 baggage claim in puerto suarez
They put the luggage in two rows so the trained dogs could sniff them. You can see the process through the windowed door. If you luggage is being barked upon, it would be a good idea to run.
17:30Hotel Santa Monica Palace
Price: 85R (original 105R)
Air con, TV, elevator. Breakfast 6:00am to 9:30am.
Checkout at 12:00pm
Excellent value, recommended
18:10Brazil Custom
You have to get the entry/exit stamp at the police station
The Brazilian Police closed at 6:00pm (and you lose 1 hour when arriving from Bolivia), so no entry stamp for today....

They have a Police station south of Plaza da Republica and the long distant bus station, both closed at 6:00pm. The police station at the long distant bus station is a more reliable place to get your stamp. The one in town has elusive opening hours.

Bus from Corumba to Campo Grande
8:00-13:30 executive
13:00, 15:00, 16:30, 18, 23:00, 23:30 (executive)
Conventional: 68R
Executive: 88R
Company: Andorina
Time change tomorrow
18:59Dinner at the Calpao restaurant
19:16 pasta at corumba
Ordered a Pasta of Napoleana for 16R
It is expensive compare to Bolivia, but the potion is huge.

Price: 17R
Soda: 2.5R
Total: 19.5R
the potion is huge
21:08Time changed
to -3H
Buenos Aries time (or Corumba Time)
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