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To Santa Clara

Oct 30, 2009 Fri
08:30To Santa Clara
09:00Breakfast at Santa Monica Palace
Sister hotel in Campo Grande:
Indaia Park Hotel
Av Afonso Pena, 354
10:34Wandering in Corumba
10:41 crocodile in ar izu
10:42 cowboy and horse
10:42 cowgirl and unicorn
10:56 corumba lone tree
11:02 super feirao
13:06To Pantanal
Santa Clara Lodge
Booked with Indiana Tour
Price 330R
Their cost for tour is 220R
20R for Bus
10R for Taxi ride to bus station
80R for pure profit and Logistic trouble
By bus... stop at Buraco das Piranha
15:05 santa clara truck
18:25 headless turtle
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