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Pantanal ? Horse Riding

Nov 02, 2009 Mon
07:10Pantanal ? Horse Riding
08:05Horse riding
08:20 santa clara horse riding
08:58 horse riding in pantanal
09:13 river crossing on horse
09:18 my faithful horse
10:29 kingfisher in pantanal
10:29 kingfisher in pantanal
10:31 yellow headed wood pecker
10:42 brown goony
10:43 grass bird
10:43 black bird on hammock
10:59 golden sparrow
11:01 red headed cardinal and plastic flamingo
11:04 cormorant
14:48Bus to Campo Grande
Price: 50R
No air con, but I think it shall be much faster than the bus
18:34 sunset migration of buffaloes
19:50Bus from Campo Grande To Brasilia
Sao Luiz
Price: 157R
From 8:00pm end around 15:00
This isn?t particularly comfortable. The bus is fine, same as the one in Iguazu, but I was covered with DEET with no shower in the last 15 hours and I didn?t get a window seat.
03:57:13 the bus cross the river by ferry
06:08:53 arrives Rio Verde
Finally I got the window seat.
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