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To Brasilia

Nov 03, 2009 Tue
07:00To Brasilia
07:12Bus To Brasilia
Time changed to Brasilia Time
Original time was 6:12am
15:31Arrive Brasilia
Bus to Alto Paraiso

Real Expresso: 10:00am and 9:00pm
16:28 hotel bristol in brasilia
Price: 190R, or 187R.. negotiate down to 116R but later charged 165R
Hotel staffs are dishonest. First quote lower price, than charge higher price. Avoid. Rooms are ok, air con is noisy
19:44Brasilia Wandering
Took a shower, put on some fresh clothing.... now I wander in the Brazilian Capital...
20:00Dinner at Pasttines
The food court is rather fancy, lots of choices.
They even have waiter serving, very strange...
The shopping mall is huge... very much like western shopping malls
They have McDonald, Burger King, Subway... even Japanese and Chinese food....
I have to buy some drinks.... need to figure out where...
The Tortelone-verde cost around 15.5R, not too expensive. And plus the drinks....
20:09 dinner at pasttines
22:17 view from hotel bristol
22:19 view from hotel bristol
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