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To Alto Paraiso

Nov 04, 2009 Wed
08:00To Alto Paraiso
08:53 main south west connection
08:53 day time view from hotle bristol
09:01Breakfast at Bristol Hotel
10:00Bus from Brasilia to Alto Paraiso
Real Expresso Leaving from Inter-state terminal (Rodoferrovaria), east of the Eixo in Brasilia...
Price: 33.5R
Time: 10:00am and 09:00pm (Daily depart)
Duration: 3.5 hour

There claimed to be buses leaving from central station at 7:30am, 11:00am and 3:00pm but I cannot verify those claims. It would be very difficult to find the correct bus in Central bus station.

Return to Brasilia at 3:00am and 2:10pm (but so far at 14:18:18 the 2:10pm bus is still here). Bus finally left at 14:53:09

Bus to Sao Jorge leave alto Paraiso at 3:30pm and return at 9:00am?
14:06 bus to sao jorge from alto paraiso
15:48Bus from Alto Paraiso to Sao Jorge
Finally the bus arrives...
Price: 5R
Leave around 3:30pm
Empresa Santo Antonio (or ESA), it is a white bus with "Italian Flag" stripe.
16:53 pousada trilha violeta
16:56Pousada Trilha Violeta
Price: 75R (negotiate to 65R)
Room is small but clean, very characteristic with violet decoration
Owner doesn't speak English, but she is very friendly.
After the bus station, go East, then North (aka turn right).
18:19 blair witch project
18:33 witch circle
19:31Dinner at Restaurante da Nenzinha
19:33 dinner at restaurante da nenzinha
Next to bus station. It is buffet by kilo, cheap and good, dinner for 12R.
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