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Chapada dos Veadeiros - Rio Preto falls

Nov 06, 2009 Fri
07:15Chapada dos Veadeiros - Rio Preto falls
08:40Rio Preto Waterfall hike
08:58 parasite leaves
09:16 pure quartz
09:28Plant similar to rabbit ear
09:31 green allison
09:31 rabbit teeth
09:32 star shaped plant
09:41 leaves of turtle shell
09:44 land lily
09:46 purple paradise
09:49 gentle giant
09:53 rock face
10:00 mini palm tree
10:03 black river
10:04 black valley
10:06 buttefly leaves
10:11 veadeiros waterfalls
10:12 tallest waterfall in goia
10:13 dao of leave
10:15 green metal
10:26 swimming in waterfall
10:29 mist of waterfall
10:33 blue water
11:22 white oreleando
11:39 trumpet flower
11:39 rapid
11:42 flood plain
11:42 underwater rocks
11:50 hikers reflection
11:59 eye of beholder
12:04 flame thrower flower
The tree is flammable. It helps to spread fire.
12:12 snow cherry
12:16 misty fern
13:00Valley de Luna
13:49 killer fern
13:52 valley de lunar
13:52 lunar landscape
13:54 lunar canyon
13:55 lunar river
13:56 moon pool
13:57 lunar footprints
13:58 lunar waterfall
13:59 lunar rapids
13:59 lunar erosion
14:01 lunar worm
14:03 lunar snake
14:04 lunar rocks
14:10 twin lunar falls
14:14 lunar swimming pool
18:01 pousada trilha violeta entrance
18:13 pousada trilha violeta courtyard
19:16 sunset of sao jorge
19:18 erotic house
19:19 alien piza palor
19:20 alien pizza hut
19:25 alien dj at massa de jorge
It is decorated with an Alien figures... Masa de Jorge is a Pizza Parlor
I came here for the alien, even though I don't quite fancy pizza tonight.
Toscana Pizza for 18.9R (Toscana is supposed to be a Vegetarian plant), drinks for 2.5R. At the end, it wasn?t vegetarian at all.
The restaurant is relatively affordable. They sell pickles and spices in jars.
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