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To Brasilia

Nov 07, 2009 Sat
07:30To Brasilia
09:00Car to Brasilia
12:27 hotel das nacoes
Price: 85R + 10% (weekend special)
Facing the shopping mall Patio Brasil
A budget mid range hotel in Brasilia
Air con (very loud), TV, fridge, hot water, telephone

So it is not a 4 star hotel, and rooms are "a bit" dated, but in a cheap convenient location, this seems to be an excellent choice.
12:37 carlton hotel
12:37 patio brasil
12:37 patio brasil
It is a large shopping mall with a huge food court.
13:51Templo da Boa Vontade
Wait for bus near Patio Brasil, but the bus number in Lonely Planet is probably wrong or outdated.
14:26:41 give up on bus, waiting for metro. On Sunday metro seems cheaper.
14:27 brasilia metro
14:36 sector 114 exit
14:54 templo da boa vontade
It?s a tacky new age temple. It has the world?s ?largest? crystal on the top of the pyramid (I bracket the word ?largest? because I vaguely remember reading somewhere about a larger crystal).
14:55 templo da boa vontade
14:56 templo da paz
15:00 crystal roof
15:03 believers of templo da boa vontade
15:29 holy altar
15:33 journey of spirit
15:40 egyptian room
Meditate like King Tut. The dead do not die
15:47 eye of egyptian
15:48 chairs of egyptian
15:49 king tut
15:50 throne of king tut
15:50 throne of king tut
Include Charles Darwin and Diana... and Carl Marx
It also has John Lennon but no Michael Jackson
15:51 king tut chair
15:53 hall of fame
Include Charles Darwin and Diana... and Carl Marx
It also has John Lennon but no Michael Jackson
15:57 reporter award
16:03 award room
16:08 memorial alziro zarur
Heart of temple, aka the Mandela room
16:10 mandela
16:12 jesus garden
16:32 giant crystal
16:34 legion of love
16:34 parlamento ecumenico da lbv
16:38 boa vontade paiva netto
16:40 temple museum
16:45 igreja perfect liberty
17:03Dom Bosco
17:04 santuario dom bosco
17:08 purple interio
17:09 dom bosco
17:14 christ of dom bosco
17:15 evolution in church
17:16 redemption of chris
17:17 primitive woman in bible
17:17 red carpet of dom bosco
17:18 children praying
17:19 christ on cross
17:20 church lighting
17:21 blue windows
17:22 grace of mary
17:22 primitve men on church door
17:25 dom bosco
17:26 entrance to dom bosco
18:00City center
18:00Justice do Teatro Nacional
18:08Justice do Teatro Nacional
18:20Brasilia wandering
18:29TV Tower
18:30TV Tower
18:33 exio monumental
Widest road in the world, and I am trying to do the most daring jaywalk in the world.
18:40 brasilia tv tower
18:42 handicraft market
18:45 brasilia
18:47 culture library
18:47 brasilia fun fair
18:48 brasilia shopping
18:49 hotel district south
18:56 pigeon shit of brasilia
18:57 tv tower structure
18:59 brasilia
19:04 brasilia construction vehicles
19:11Central Station
19:15 hello kitty in brasilia
19:17 brasilia amusement park
19:27 brasilia shopping mall at night
19:30 brasilia nighttime
19:35 brasilia at night
19:36 brasilia night
19:40 exio monumental
20:30Dinner time
20:31 yamas buffet at food court
Price: 12R
Much cheaper than my super expensive Japanese Lunch Buffet (that was 30R!)
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