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Brasilia - Vale do Amanhecer

Nov 08, 2009 Sun
08:30Brasilia - Vale do Amanhecer
09:14National Museum
So big is the building... so few exhibits.... don't get me wrong, there are interesting artworks.... but too few to fill up the large interior, they feel more like space fillers... and the security guards in the building walk in meditation pace....
09:14Breakfast at das Nacoes
The room maybe a dump, but the breakfast is 4 star standard... mostly due to its exotic meat restaurante
hot items, heated bread, fruit....
Sunday is very quiet, like a dead city
10:05 econotel in brasilia
Price: 89.9R for regular price, weekends are probably cheaper.
10:20 biblioteca national de brasilia
Do take the offer of a tour... else you will end up completely baffled (like me).
I have no idea what this building is about.
It is very pretty... but a national library without books? It is all very Zen (well... there are a couple shelves of books but probably less than your local library...)
10:22 biblioteca national de brasilia
10:23 biblioteca national de brasilia
10:24 national museum from national library
10:32 national museum
10:35 biblioteca national de brasilia multimedia
10:40 biblioteca national de brasilia massage chairs
10:46 biblioteca national de brasilia virtual reality
10:49 biblioteca national de brasilia
10:50 national library
10:50 trt church
10:52 national museum entrance
11:07 climbing uphill
11:13 hazardous materials
11:30 saturn ring of national museum
11:34 cathedral of bras lia
11:35 saint of cathedral of bras lia
11:35 st peter
11:37 cathedral roof
11:38 red carpet
11:38 jesus footprints
11:38 death of jesus and mother mary
11:42 st joseph
11:43 st paul
11:44 light of nations
11:52 cathedral metropolitana
11:55 national museum
11:55 ministry row
12:06Vale do Amanhecer
How to get to Valley of the Dawn (Vale do Amanhecer).....
The Instructions from Lonely Planet is wrong. First the temple is not 45Km away, it is only 30KM away. Secondly, bus 617 does not exist.
Here is the real instruction:
12:22:43 Take the bus 620.3 (or 620 or 630 or any bus to Planaltina) from Brasilia Central station (price 3R), the bus is quite frequent, even on Sunday.
13:15:56 Get off at Planaltina main bus station (this step is important)
14:03:15 Change to a little green bus with destination board saying Vale do Amanhecer (price 1.5R), the bus is usually at the west side of the station (ask the locals)
Look through the windows on your right hand side, when you see Vale do Amanhecer (or the sign of a sun and a moon), get off the bus.... (it is about 6km from the Planaltina Rodoviaria). You walk about 500m to reach the Temple of Mae.... Then a bit more left and in to reach the hill where you can see the whole valley and the lake....
To return to Brasilia, flag down the little green bus on the opposite road, get off at main bus terminal, and take 620 or 630 or 620.3 or whatever that gets you to Brasilia Central. They will make a couple circles, but you will get there. I think the bus runs daily and to very late but this has not been verified.

The Valley of Dawn is a little village, have ceremony on Sunday afternoon. The people are quite friendly... they smoke, drink Coca Cola and eat watermelons, just like you and me. Their dresses are very fancy, like those in AD&D.... I am not sure if I am supposed to take photos during the ceremony, but no one stopped me, and someone actually waved at me.... so I think it is Ok.

Their religious belief involves channeling with a invisible UFO that is orbiting around the Earth.
14:28 temple of mae
14:28 star of david
14:29 alien communication center
14:29 jesus christ in valley of dawn
14:30 valley of dawn altar
14:30 valley of dawn playground
14:37 worshippers
14:40 toruch in valley of dawn
14:42 tia neiva
14:43 salve deus
14:44 gateway to holy temple
14:45 bishop seats
14:45 possesion
14:48 vale do amanhecer bishops
14:48 ad and d
14:50 holy prayers
14:51 mediums
14:54 musician
14:57 temple guardians
15:06 communication antenna
15:09 valley of dawn
15:10 valley of dawn pyramid
15:11 shooting star of vale do amanhecer
15:11 vale do amanhecer
15:30 artifical lake
15:31 pool harbour
15:36 pyarmid
15:38 astral primary school
16:01 amusement park
16:02 vale do amanhecer entrance
17:42Brasilia Central
17:43 shopping conjunto national
17:43 shopping conjunto national
Next to the central bus station
18:00Dinner at Viva Brasilia Grill
18:01 viva brasilia grill
Inside the food court of Shopping Conjunto National. Food by weight... Price: 1.8R/100g
only 11R, cheap and filling
18:39 culture center
18:43 shopping conjunto national
18:55Praza dos Tres Poderes
19:05 plaza of three powers
19:12 palacio itamaraty
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
19:16 flags of nationas
19:17 praza dos tres poderes
19:23Palacio da Justica
Ministry of Justice
19:24 minister of justice
Ministry of Justice
19:24 minister of justice
19:30 congresso national
19:37 house of representatives
19:39 house of senate
19:41House of Representatives
19:43 national congress
19:47 ministry rows
20:11 cathedral at night
20:16 catehdral at night
20:20 national museum
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