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Brasilia to Rio

Nov 09, 2009 Mon
09:00Brasilia to Rio
10:18City walk
I changed some money and checked out the mall.
11:03Taxi to Brasilia Rodoferroviaria
Price: 17R to 18R (rip off price 20R)
From/to Hotel district
11:38Bus from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro
12:00Brasilia Bus from Rodoferroviaria to Central
Bus 108.6 travel between Central Station to Rodoferroviaria
Price: 1.5R
The bus is opposite to the taxi stand in Rodoferroviaria
12:31 national museum
12:33 looking into future
12:33 homelessness and national museum
12:34 tall lighting
12:37 belfry of cathedral
12:39 belfry of cathedral and st paul statue
12:49 palacio itamaraty
12:50 palacio itamaraty
The Five Marble Blocks symbolized five continents
12:52 palacio itamaraty
The Five Marble Blocks symbolized five continents
13:08National Congresso
I need to wait for my tour at 2:00pm (but tour doesn?t start until 2:30pm).

Tour includes:
The Black Hall (Ceremonial entrance for guests of honor)
The Green Hall (Where press waits to interview Members.)
The Ulysses Guimaraes Plenary Chamber at the concave dome of the National Congress.
The Public Gallery
Museum (closed at noon)
Visiting Hours: Mon to Friday tours begin at 9:30am, 10:30am, 11:30am, 2:30pm, 3:30pm, 4:30pm Saturday to Sunday and holidays from 9:00am to 1:30pm

The tour is in Portuguese, the English tour guide (he also speaks Chinese), doesn't want to work just for one person.

It is a bit rushed.
13:49 national congress
13:49 anxiety of brasilia
14:01 lady of democracy
14:02 photos of speakers
14:04 national congress model
14:08State flags
14:09 time tunnel
14:11 statue tunnel
14:35 ministry row
14:35Justice department and Plaza of Culture
14:48 waterfall of justice
14:49 justice fall
14:58 presidential palace
15:05 justice department
15:07 tourist justice
15:08 missing piece
15:11 blind justice
15:11 carlos aires brito protest
15:14 mounment
15:16 torch mounment
15:16 olympic torch
15:17 brasilia torch
15:19 twin warrior
15:19 twin warrior statues
15:20 torch
15:21 brasilia twin
15:22 abstract artwork
15:25 green light to brazil
15:30Bus To Rodoferroviaria
16:06 bus to rio de janeiro
16:07Bus from Brasilia to Rio de Janeiro
KIOSK: Guanabara
Company: Util (the first kiosk on your left when entering the Rodoferroviaria)
Time: 14:30 (about 17hr)
Piece: 191R (Semi Leito)
There is another bus at 20:00? or 21:00? conventional? not sure
17:55 luziania wilderness
19:58Bust stop dinner
Dinner is only 20 minutes long, luckily, I didn't order too much.
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