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Rio - Niteroi

Nov 10, 2009 Tue
05:00Rio - Niteroi
08:54Bus to Rio de Janeiro
expect to arrive around 9:00am
09:28 bird of rio
09:29 floating house
09:34 fisherman of rio
09:36 castle of rio
09:56 garbage dump of rio
09:57 bucket bridge of rio
09:59 abandoned church of rio
10:01 traffic of rio
10:27Taxi to Catete Metro
Price: 25R, probably a rip off
11:46 imperial hotel
breakfast included
air con is good
room is small
WIFI cost 5R
not a good value for such small room
The 300 rooms are good, the 400 rooms are on the first floor and is small, avoid those.
13:09Lunch at Parmer
didn't know what I have ordered...
waiter not helpful at all...
13:15 lunch at palmer
Service is very fast... lunch in 5 minutes... (it?s like a fast food chain)
14:03Museu do Arte Contemporanea
Modern Art Museum
14:40 niteroi ferry
14:45 brazilian warship
14:45 ihla fiscal
14:47 niteroi bridge
14:51 oil platform
14:51 niteroi
14:55 niteroi market
15:01 arariboia
15:18 coastal oil drilling in rio
15:20 niteroi beach
15:24 niteroi hill
15:25 mac
15:25 mac - modern art museum
15:27 mac - museu do arte contemporanea
15:27 niteroi coast
15:27 niteroi beach
15:28 mac windows
15:37 secret paintings
15:37 pistol 3600
15:38 ivens machado
Ocorrencias 1976
Notebook sheets....
so.... this is art.....
15:39 museum seat
Ocorrencias 1976
Notebook sheets....
so.... this is art.....
15:41 acrylic on canvas
Luiz Ernesto 1955
15:43 efraim de aimeida
velvet and wood
15:44 nazareth pacheco
Sem Titulo 1990
15:46 plasmatio 2005
Jose Rufino 1965
pre: the black canvas art is...
Antonio Manuel
the gun was
Rubens Gerchman
Metal and plastic
15:58 pond under mac
16:01 self photo
16:08 niteroi oil drilling platform
16:10 island bridge
16:47 niteroi market
16:54 niteroi telecommunications conference
16:54 abix walkie talkie
16:55 cell phone dome
16:55 gynastic wall
16:58 conference center
17:04Ferry From Rio to Nitero
Price: 2.8R
17:13 graffiti building
17:22 niteroi
17:24 niteroi ferry corssing
17:26 niteroi hotel
17:31 rio central ariport landing
17:45 nasceu alo de maio
18:07 candelaria church
On the night of July 23, eight young people were killed by a group of men, several of them members of the police. The men were tried for the killings, but only two of them were convicted.

The Candel?ria is a famous Roman Catholic church. It is known around Rio de Janeiro for being a makeshift home to perhaps hundreds of homeless children, many of whom are involved with the illegal drug trade and prostitution. The church's personnel provides food, shelter, education and religious advice to as many of these children as possible. The Brazilian police keep a constant vigil on the church's surroundings.
18:11 candelaria
18:12 candelaria masscare
18:14 candelaria gate
18:15 candelaria masscare
18:16Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
Free exhibit Argentina today, better than national museum
18:17 monument to maracatu
18:18 red body guards of centro cultural banco do brasil
18:23 footprints on centro cultural banco do brasil
Rio metro price: 2.8R
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