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Rio - Cristo Redentor

Nov 11, 2009 Wed
08:30Rio - Cristo Redentor
Last night power blackout from 8:30pm to 12:30am
10:00Cristo Redentor
Corovado - Christ the Redeemer
10:22 corovado
10:50 cog train to christo redentor
Price: 36R
There goes my lunch budget... maybe cheaper to go by car
10:53 4
10:58 girl of redentor
11:25 elevator to christo redentor
11:38 rio de janeiro
11:39 chrito redentor viewing platform
11:40 christo redentor
11:40 face of christ
11:41 right hand of christ
11:41 left hand of christ
11:59 hello kitty and christo redentor
12:03 hello kitty and redemption of christ
12:04 christo redentor in mist
12:04 christ in mist
13:55Lunch at Manoel and Juaquim
Bar and Restaurant
Ordered a Lagsana with 4 kind of cheese 14R, with a soda.
14:15 lagsana with 4 cheese
Price: 14R
14:51Bus to Urca
Take the bus 511A near the metro exit on Botafogo.
Price: 2.2R
from Botafogo Metro exit (use exit Linha URCA express)
15:10Tenente Antonio Joao
15:13 thinking man and brazilian girls
15:14 urca beach
15:16 urca trail entrance
15:22 Urca mountain
15:37 the natural monument of the sugar loaf and urca mountains
15:39 rock shore
15:40 shopping boat on urca
15:45 rio fruit
15:49 leaves of urca
15:52 atlantic shore
16:00 crimson shore plant
16:03 urca lizard
16:05 prison
16:07 urca lizard
16:12 red plant
16:19 orange flower
16:26 green shores
16:54 ring tail monkey
16:54 ringed tailed baby moneky of urca
16:56 morro da urca mata atlantica
16:57 urca monkey
16:57 shy urca monkey
16:58 old urca monkey
17:10 urca
17:10 cable cart ascending
17:11 urca cable car
17:12 helicopter landing pad
17:12 rio passion fruit
17:16 urca harbour
17:16 flamengo beach
17:16 rich housing around urca
17:24 urca
17:29 sugar load mountain
17:29 spy 007 cable cart
17:30 british spy stunt cart on sugar load
17:40 speed boat of urca
17:43 urca monkeys
17:45 hello kitty and urca monkeys
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