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Rio - Ipanema

Nov 13, 2009 Fri
05:00Rio - Ipanema
10:44Jardim Botanico
10:50 jardim turtles
10:50 turtle sunbath
10:59 waterfalls
11:02 flying fly
11:11 drinking leave
11:26 white flower
11:28 climbing leaves
11:30 history of the bromeliarium
11:31 orange clover
11:32 the eco-physiological types
11:32 iron tree
11:32 nigeria lancer
11:33 tillandsia seleriana
11:34 tillandsia seleriana
11:35 amazonian sunflower
11:36 crimson snake
11:37 amazonian sunflower and twisted fern
11:41 ossanha
11:49 road to main fountain
11:57 main fountain in rain
11:58 water lily in rain
11:58 waterfountain in rain
12:00 roofless walkway under rain
12:06 bench of autumn leaves
12:11 amazon mudway
12:23 amazon hut
12:25 maneating leave
12:27 passion fruit
12:31 water lily in rain
12:32 raindrop in lily
12:32 waterlily flower
12:33 water lily raindrop
12:33 japanese garden lotus
12:34 japanese garden lotus
12:34 japanese garden lotus
12:35 waterlily raindrop
12:42 brazilian flying chicken
12:44 rain river
12:50 bush tree
13:02 wet cat
Price: 6R
The staffs are extremely helpful, but obviously, they have to call up a special guy to explain to me why there is nothing to see for me. I got it, this is not a place for foreign tourists. Probably not even for locals... some equipment is not in working conditions... all captions are in Portuguese.
They tried hard, but there are some lacks of maintenance. Do not come here.
14:06 planetario
14:30Lunch at Vegetarian Social Club
14:32 buffet at vegetarian social club
Price: 20
Juice: 6
15:10Ipanema Beach
15:17 ipanema beach
15:21 sunshine of ipanema
15:31 wave of ipanema
15:41 favela of ipanema
16:14 roads of ipanema
16:24 beauty of ipanema
16:24 girl of ipanema
16:26 cactus of ipanema
16:26 urca from ipanema
16:27 pine of ipanema
16:28 guitar player of ipanema
16:29 atlantic waves
16:57 ipanema beach
17:06 brazilian in ipanema
17:49 copacabana beach
17:51 brazilian football player at copacabana beach
17:53 football acrobat
17:58 copacabana beach
18:15Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas Walk
Around the lake is 7500m
The area surrounding the lake is safe and pleasant, day and night...
At evening, the trail is lighted, full of joggers and bikers and coconut sellers. The coconut drinks are cheap, from 2 to 3 Real. Walk or jog the 7500m, then enjoy a coconut, what a way to conclude a 7 week trip.
18:22 christo the redemptor in freitas
18:24 rio volcanoe
18:26 lagoa rodrigo
18:29 swan boats
18:42 lagoa de freitas
18:43 stone fish
18:44 christor de redemptor
18:45 sunset freitas
18:48 christor redemptor
18:59 cristo redentor
19:27 freitas at night
19:40 lagoa at night
19:44 brazilian night
20:35End Trip
Taking metro to hotel.
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