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Return to Vancouver

Nov 15, 2009 Sun
00:01Return to Vancouver
00:43Missing Flight
So the flight was missed, thanks to TAM.
Now I am departing to Washington, then Denver, and hopefully to Vancouver. The flight time to Vancouver is unknown.
Worst flight experience so far.
01:14:56 But the dinner is good
now I am going to do some calculation on flight time
arrive Washington around 7:15am
leaving for Denver around 8:21am
arrive Denver around 11:21am
Yvr 1:00pm to 4:00pm?
09:00flight status
Just announced the flight will arrive at 6:35am, earlier than expected.
Good sign.
It will be a small wonder if I can actually find my luggage?..
So I did find my luggage.
Now I have been routed to Denver....
14:15:54 Need to see if I can get the flight from Denver to Vancouver.
15:53flight status
on waiting list for flight to Vancouver.
15:58:05 still waiting for name call....
15:57Time changed
Back to Vancouver time
16:37 rain in denver airport
Got boarding pass, on plane, just saw my luggage on board. Everything good.
17:15:49 on route to Vancouver, combat mode completed.
Expected arrival 1:36pm
20:16:22 arrived
16:50 denver rain
16:53 defrosting in denver airport
17:10 flying over colorado
17:11 flying over aristocrat ranchettes
17:21 flying over buford
17:21 flying over curt gowdy state park
17:34 flying over pathfinder reservoir
18:03 flying over yellowstone lake
18:16 flying over beaverhead national forest
18:23 montana ufo landing circle
18:30 jet plane
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