Fly to Houston

Sep 06, 2015 Sun
10:02Fly to Houston
10:03arrive airport around 9
pass through all security
said no need to pick up luggage at Houston, not sure if it is true or not (it is true)
10:04wait for boarding
passed all security...
14:31 Cloudy day in Houston Flight
15:34arriving at Houston
landing on time
15:55arrive Houston airport
expected 6:07
2 hour advance, still yvr time
16:30at terminal e2
wandering around, not decided if want dinner yet...
16:44Stramboli veggie dinner
11.5, same as last year
dinner not that good, a bit cold and stale... not very tasty, don't order it next year...
17:24waiting at gate e2
18:48On board flight to SCL Santiago
gosh, the plane is boiling....
gate e2, seems on time...
Santiago time 2 hours ahead
19:02Watching movie Inside Out
like it so far
19:49plane took off
on way to Santiago
still watching Inside out, great movie...
22:49Sleep on plane
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