Sep 07, 2015 Mon
03:52wake up for breakfast
well, I have both seats, but slept not quite soundly...regret watching Tomorrowland, not that good, should have slept instead....
08:33time adjusted to Santiago time
+4 hours
Santiago rains
09:01airport exchange rate
668 clp to 1 us
09:03pending custom
09:22pass custom
so easy
Brenda was friendly
09:30wait for baggage
it is already sitting here
09:51atm cash
draw 150k
can't get 190k
from ATM aftersleep
10:41early check-in
ready to leave airport
10:51boarded bus
to centro, maybe
blue airport bus
centropuerto bus
11:12arrive terminal Alameda
pretty much in front of bus station
11:58bus station exchange rate
660, worse than airport, near end another exchange is 678
12:38metro to Quinta
first go to san pablo then switch to quinta de normal
12:52Humanist museum
closed, fuck.
13:27Metroed to Plaza de Armas
13:59Comida Ecuadoriana restaurant
ecuadorian restaurant
ordered a veggie lasagne and meal
not very good
comes with meat
500 at 693 = 346500
14:50metroing back to Pajaritos
15:24airport bus back to airport
from bus station behind pajaritos
pretty fast
15:38arrived at airport
sorting luggage to pass custom
16:01passed security
don't even have a gate yet... way too early
16:54waiting to board
board said 5:55p 20a, but 20a is blocked... so waiting in 20b....
lots of confused souls, the door still blocked...
talked to staff, she said it is 20b
17:38finally they decided to fix the display...
18:02boarded the plane
looks like boarding the right plane...
21:00finished dinner
finished movie Cloverdale...
watching movie Girl with Dragon Tattoo
00:32approaching Easter island
00:55landed on Easter island
pending deboard
01:30arrive Hostal Noa Ariki
room is so so...
shower is bad, hot and cold, difficult to control...
cockroach as large as Moai...
breakfast so so,
wifi not so good... has to sit next to the router
owner is friendly enough...
02:00Hostal Noa Ariki
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