Easter Island Tour

Sep 08, 2015 Tue
09:41Easter Island Tour
09:52buy water
2000 for 1L, expensive
10:03change to bigger bus
some fallen moais
a lava tube
best standing 15 moais
with one fallen
11:25 Leader of Tongariki Moai
11:57 Tongariki Moais
12:10 Red flowers of Tongariki Moais
12:16Rano Raraku
Moai on hills
like a workshop
12:42 Rano Raraku Moais
12:42 Rano Raraku Double Moais Postcard View
12:42 Rano Raraku Moais
12:43 Rano Raraku wild horses
12:47 Moais Couple at Rano Raraku
12:51 Rano Raraku Moai Head
12:57 Rano Raraku Moais
12:57 Two Rano Raraku Moais
13:01 Titlted Moai of Rano Raraku
13:02 Inclined Rano Raraku Moais
13:07 Tongariki Moais from Rano Raraku
13:179 statues here
13:24postcard moai
13:27 Rano Raraku Moais sink under soil
13:56expensive veggie lunch
14:30 girl, black cat and half eaten apple
14:56 Tongariki
15:03end lunch
15:06Te Pito kura
15:10Ahu te pito kura
15:15te pito kura
last statute to be knocked down in 1838
also largest moai
ordered by a wife to remember a husband
they usually put ash in a bottle to remember ancestor
one statue one important person
all male...
all facing inland....
15:25magnetic egg stones
mess up compass
15:54 Anakena beach ahu vaka TuPuNa Maori
15:56 Anakena beach ahu vaka TuPuNa Maori
16:06anakena beach
16:11ahu vaka TuPuNa Maori
triangular thing
16:29 ovahe beach
16:37back from Ovahe beach
17:26 woman moai head
17:34electric bike
20:34 Easter Island Sunset
20:37 fake ahu moai
00:38sleep Hostal Noa Ariki
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