Terevaka Hike

Sep 09, 2015 Wed
09:59Terevaka Hike
09:59start hike
10:02private moai
10:42non-wild horses
11:13Ahu a kivi
11:27Terevaka volcano hike
11:48Sea behind Terevaka volcano
13:12 Bikes on Terevaka
13:15 Hello Kitty and the skull
13:15 Hello Kitty and the Horse Skull
13:53lonely tree in a lonely crater
14:23 Windy Tree Under Easter Island Sky
14:23 Windy Tree of Terevaka Volcano
14:27 Windy Tree of Terevaka Hill
15:03end trail
Terevaka trail staring point
15:12 Hello Kitty and Ahu Akivi
only moais that face the sea
all other moais face inland
15:27Ahu Te Peu Trail
15:32signs pointing to Las Cuevas Te Pahu
15:46sector Ana Te Pahu
15:54Ana Te Pahu Cave
15:59 Ana Te Pahu Cave
16:10 Ana Te Pahu Cave Exit
16:34Ahu Te Pahu
16:46Ahu Te Pahu probably
16:56 Wild horses of Easter Island Self Pity
17:07 Potrait of a Wild horse
17:09 Wild horse Scream
17:19 Wild horses Trout
17:23 Wild horse smell butt
17:28 Easter island Coast
17:55nameless cave
18:21Ana Kakenga
Cave of two windows
18:26 Easter island Coast near Ahu Te Pahu
18:28 Easter island Coast
18:37 Ana Kakenga Cave Exit
18:46 Ana Kakenga Looking Out
18:50 Ana Kakenga big window
18:51 Ana Kakenga and Hello Kitty
19:27 Wild horses of Easter Island Feeding
19:52Des ventana
19:55 Des ventana Sunset
20:06 Hana Kioe the road is twisted
20:10Ahu akapu
not really, actually no name
20:36 Unnamed Ahu Sunset
20:39 Ahu Tahal Sunset
20:50 Easter Isalnd cemetery twlight
20:59Bout Du Monde Restaurant
12000 fettuccine
super expensive, but still better than the rip off lunch
21:07 FBread of Bout Du Monde Restaurant
21:20expensive pasta
but at least it has flower
It also tastes good, probably the best fettuccine, or maybe I'm just hungry...
21:22 FExpensive fettuccine, at Bout Monde
23:55Hostal Noa Ariki
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