Rano Kau

Sep 10, 2015 Thu
09:30Rano Kau
11:16Rano Kau Trail
finished breakfast, wake around 9:30
feet slightly sore, wear triple socks
11:20House with two girls
11:22 House with two girls
11:33Kari Kari Dance
15000 Thursday
11:57Iorana Hotel
12:00 HAna Kai Tanata Hotel
12:10Ana Kai Tanata cave
the birdman cave
here they have the ceremony?
12:18 Ana Kai Tanata Cave
12:30 Coast outside Ana Kai Tanata
12:37 Ana Kai Tanata's big brother cave
12:40 Ana Kai Tanata arm
12:44wood slider
12:47Te Ara O Te Ao
12:47 Te Ara O Te Ao
13:55Estacion de Descanso
Here I sit on a bench, watching time passed away in the vicinity of ocean
calm and blue, the boundless ocean waits...
14:16Rano Kau crater lake
14:20 Orongo Crater North Rim
14:50Gigantesco Manavai Natural
Giant green house of nature
some trails are easy, some are difficult, but if you don't pick a trail, you will never get anywhere...
15:00 Orongo Crater
15:10 Easter Island Sparrow
15:34one and two
15:34 Islote Motu Kao Kao from north rim
15:36point 4
15:36 Islote Motu Kao Kao the wizard islands
15:40 Islote Motu Kao Kao
15:44 Easter Island Sparrow on wood
15:48 Birdman Islands
15:49point 1
16:27Hanga Roa
16:53 Orongo Crater South Side
17:35 islote Motu Kao Kao and Hello Kitty
17:40 Orongo Crater Panorama
17:51 Never Lamb at Orongo Crater South Rim
18:41Got a ride from a police officer
saved time walking down
he had a friend in Calgary
he said only two police... or maybe only two police car.. my Spanish is bad
18:52Easter island navy
18:55Moai Riata
19:14Tataku Vave Restaurant
19:40Tataku Vave Restaurant
every restaurant is expensive, might as well go to a good one...
19:49Expensive mushroom fish
but it is good...
it tasted like bamboo, not mushroom, like the sauce... not a salad person, but as far as salad goes, it's pretty decent...
14300 tips included, not too bad....
11500 for mushroom fish
1500 for sprite (cheaper than yesterday)
19:52 FFake Fish Salad at Tataku Vave Restaurant
21:01Kari Kari Dance
21:18Kari kari pole
why a pole at the center of the stage?
21:27 Kari Kari Dance
22:12two lucky day
I share the luck with myself...
every good luck is balanced by bad luck...
my car got rear ended, is it why for the good lucks for the last two days? Or was it to balance the bad museum day in Santiago?
23:12Hostal Noa Ariki
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