Museum Tahai

Sep 11, 2015 Fri
09:30Museum Tahai
wake up 9:30
LAN checked in
walking to museum now
11:38 Fish Moai
11:55two faced figure
burial cistern
12:06Moai Butt
12:08Female Moai
12:10Moai Head
12:16Peka Peka
means Sea Star in Rapa Nui
12:30Moai Head near Ahu Tautira
12:39fish with Rongo-Rongo writing
12:40Large Tablet of Santiago
with Rongo Rongo writing
1600 symbols, 24 lines double sided
12:50water cistern with a face
12:51Ojo de Moai
Eye of a Moai
12:54Petroglifo of a Tangata Manu
Bird man Petroglyph
13:00Head of Matamea Moai
found in Museum
13:08dead chicken
13:08end museum
13:17Ahu Taihai
13:25 Ahu Taihai
13:28 Ahu Taihai and Hello Kitty
13:33 Ahu Taihai whole family
13:38 Ahu Taihai children
14:10 Easter Island Cemetery
14:11 Sword and Cock of Easter Island Cemetery
14:12 Left turn for the dead
14:15 Blue Angel
14:16 Moai Monster
14:20 Hello Kitty Kisses Moai
14:21 Fish and Fist
14:24 Sculpted Moai of the Seaside
14:31Lunch at Te Moana
10000 stir fry and rice
2000 sprite
1200 tips
total... not too bad, the presentation is good, but cooking is so so... taste ok, not much different from tour lunch
14:38 Fbread at Te Moana
14:49 Lunch at Te Moana
15:40 Simon Paoa street
17:31rent a bike to quarry
18:04Puna Pau
18:13 Rocks of Puna pau
18:18Puna Pau crater
18:20Puna pau
18:34chocolate dog
the dog that eats chocolate
18:40 Chochlate Dog at Puna Pau
19:02Puna Pau
19:05 Puna Pau red stones
19:21Panorama from nameless hill
20:22at hotel
23:59Hostal Noa Ariki
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