Easter Island Biking

Sep 12, 2015 Sat
09:21Easter Island Biking
dollar blue rate
official 9.23
14.2 street 14.9
green 15.1/14.05
11:58Moai nameless A
collapsed moais
12:17 Hello Kitty and vaihu
13:09 Cow Porn near Moai akahanga
from last tour
13:18 Hello Kitty on Horse Skull
13:35 Lunch time
14:17Te Ara O Te Moai
14:42One Makihi
14:48turn back bike
16:41Ahu vinapu
17:44Dinner time at bar Tavake Pub
returned bike around 5:25p, so tired
ordered veggie pizza and sprite
17:56veggie pizza
for 5000, damn small, just a slice....
but so much cheese
19:33done shopping
all done
19:35Easter Island fireman
19:42sitting next to sea
wait for time pass
19:48 watching sea at Hanga Roa
every moment passed, we are a step closer to oblivion.
20:14Nao Ariki Hotel
With cockroach as large as the moai, bad wifi, shower is either too hot or too cold, rooms are pretty run down, people, dog and coconut falling on roof making loud noises... it is hard to recommend the hotel, but I can see the owner martin and his wife are trying their best to keep things under control... dogs are friendly... Also for the price of the room, it's unrealistic to expect higher standard.
21:28waiting for transit to airport
23:57on board
waiting take off
23:59sleep on plane
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