Bus to Mendoza

Sep 13, 2015 Sun
06:09Bus to Mendoza
06:10flight landing
seem an hour early, WTF?
well not that early...
06:43my small backpack ripped
I guess that count as unlucky
06:51pending luggage pickup
06:57found luggage
07:06wait at airport
too early. wait airport
08:01bus to bus station
08:22arrive bus stop
09:56boarded bus
had a panic moment tried to board the 9:30 bus, silly me
bought a backpack... 13990?
kind of garbage, but still better than ribbed backpack
10:09bus depart
12:03bus pick up refugee
from another bus
probably broke down
12:15 aconcagua mountain
12:27 aconcagua mountain road
12:35 Passing border near Aconcagua
12:36 passing border Chilean Border
13:07Argentine border
still so sleepy, kind of wasting the scenery
13:46line up for passport stamp
two line-ups very slow...
14:18passed both custom
14:44luggage check
so tedious...
15:00pass custom
not without paying tips...
15:14 aconcagua mountain railway bridge
15:25 Cerro Aconcagua valley
15:39 aconcagua mountain trucks
17:41Approaching Mendoza
17:49touch down
19:40 plaza san martin
19:54bus to maipu
20:26dinner at biere
20:30booked a trekking tour
tomorrow to wherever
rappel, what's that?
20:30lost backpack at bus station
one less decision to make, also it is empty
20:38spaghetti at Munich restaurant
nothing to write home about...
but cheap...
21:48Hotel Petit
it is very small, the room, the elevator, so is the price 350. Breakfast 6 to 11. wifi seems good. service is friendly... also very clean, towels... etc... so it is actually fairly good. The only bad is the plugs... it has few and located in impossible places... I would say this hotel is recommended, not the best but still recommended.
23:48Sleep Hotel Petit
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