Maipu Wine Tasting

Sep 15, 2015 Tue
12:08Maipu Wine Tasting
12:08Bus to Maipu
looks like bus don't take cash... Awkward
12:49bus off
wrong direction, walk 3.6km back to destination
bus 10 not a good idea
13:08 Silly Smiley Face near Maipu
14:30 Old Yellow Car in Maipu
14:36beer garden
IPA hoy
14:38 Fbeer garden
15:16Olive oil tasting
45 pesos
I got so drunk, I forgot to pickup my backpack
15:34 Olive Tasting
16:03Trapachi wine tour
Forgot my backpack, need to pickup my backpack
16:35 FTrapiche wine tasting
17:02 Trapiche wine tour
17:12found my backpack
found my backpack at olive garden
the owner waited for me, he is so nice.
should take 173, not 10
met some Germany tourist in the tour, they helped me to pay for my trip back.
18:49Plaza Espana
18:57bus back to Mendoza
a bit drunk
took the bus with a German couples paying for me...
18:57bought bus ticket to Carlos Paz
19:59 Mendoza Plaza Espana
I am blind to poetry, music and wine...
20:09 Mendoza City Nightlight
20:16Plaza Italia
23:55Sleep Hotel Petit
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