Bus to Carlos Paz

Sep 16, 2015 Wed
08:49Bus to Carlos Paz
08:52boarded bus to Carlos Paz
770peso to Cordoba...bus is 9am, luggage handler wants tips almost gave him 50 by mistake....
woke up 7:15
took breakfast.
Hotel Petit breakfast is good, good selection of Pastries...
hot water was good
the school playground next door was noisy at the morning, but not every morning...
08:58Bus to Carlos Paz
16:16still busing
lots of stops in between...
19:34Bus approaching Carlos Paz
so long....
20:03Hotel Ideal
only 270, include breakfast....
I need to find more expensive hotels....
20:24dinner at IL Gatto
it is deserted... empty huge and nobody is really serving...
20:38 Fcrepe at Il Gatto
so it is light... thanks god to the bread
the dinner is not that good
from the news, there was an earthquake (terremoto) in Santiago todnight.
20:56 FTartufo Bianco of IL Gatto Restaurant
It's some sort of ice-cream...
21:30 Carlos Paz Uruguay Bridge
23:56Sleep Hotel Ideal
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