Carlos Paz

Sep 17, 2015 Thu
09:30Carlos Paz
10:07breakfast time at hotel Ideal
woke up 9:15a
Earthquake, airport strike... how many bullets I have dodged...
10:58minor flu
feel like a minor flu... had been brooding for a few days, maybe even weeks... slight running nose, nothing else...
11:15Kha Lama
dance club or temple?
11:29bow and arrow
11:46unfinished trail
12:02 Carlos Paz Panorama
12:04 Hello Kitty in Carlos Paz
12:10zip lines
12:24trail closed below arrow chairs
for whatever problem...
13:25lunch at Parrilla Restaurant
expensive, but bad. I hate the cheese appetizer, the gnocchi are not that good either.
13:34 FSalty Cheese Cake at Parrilla Restaurant
another expensive meal...
no idea what I ordered
bad, very bad cheese... so oily...
13:50after entry is already quite full...
still have a pasta... maybe, no idea what he said....
13:55 FPasta Gnocchi at Parrilla Restaurant
80 not that expensive, but the total must be...
a bit too heavy
taste depends too much on cheese and tomatoes sauce, a little mono taste, bland and unsatisfying
14:23total ordered
Toquis 80
Provoleta a la Parri 80
Gaseosa chica 29
only 170, with 17 discount, 190 inc tips, it is cheaper than yesterday... not good, but better value
14:53Cuckoo clock
15:01Plaza of memory
15:09 bridge of Uruguay at day
15:15Love lock
21:06 Uruguay Bridge at night
23:55Sleep Hotel Ideal
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