La Cumbrecita Adventure Park

Sep 20, 2015 Sun
08:30La Cumbrecita Adventure Park
09:40finished breakfast
woke up 8:30
mosquito, hate
a bit too hot
09:52waiting bus to LC
again... well should have booked 2 nights instead of 3..
10:01on bus to La Cumbrecita
late as all 10:00am bus is...
not much to do in LC, it is overrated, but still better than VGB. too many days here...
11:11La Cumbrecita
5 min earlier than yesterday...
11:34Pioneer park
11:37 Squirrel Tree near fuente
the fountain
11:46 fairy girl at La Cumbrecita
12:11 Hello Kitty and the selfie girls at Grande Fall
not so grand actually
12:44La Olla
a waterhole
12:47 Grande Fall
12:54Hello Kitty in La Olla
13:11Lago de las truchas
13:44mineral museum
14:12Alpine adventure
99 for entrance
499 include activities...
so dumb
14:58la confluencia view point
15:07cruce rio
15:22posta la roca
15:30mirador del rio
15:37penon del aguila
16:31Return train
fast as walking
17:34Bus back to VGB
took 5:30 bus
back to hotel

La Cumbrecita Map

Sep 20, 2015 Sun
18:35La Cumbrecita Map
from tour info

Alpine adventure La cumbrecita brochure

Sep 20, 2015 Sun
18:36Alpine adventure La cumbrecita brochure

bus schedule to La Cumbrecita from vgb

Sep 20, 2015 Sun
18:37bus schedule to La Cumbrecita from vgb
18:38bus schedule VGB to Cordoba
18:40Mendoza Maipu self guided wine tour map
18:42Easter Island ahu map
18:42Easter Island Hanga Roa Map
18:45Alpine adventure LC trail map
19:03Romano castle museum
19:20 Villa General Bolgrano Street from view tower
free entrance
19:37dinner at Portrerillo Resto Bar
19:56ravioli at Portrerillo
whatever the restaurant is called...
150pesos pretty expensive...
20:04 hungry dog looking at my Ravioli
20:35 Drunken Elf
23:37Sleep Pfullendorf Inn
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