Sep 21, 2015 Mon
09:39bought bus ticket
09:43Bus to Cordoba
from Sierras Calamuchita SRL for 78
much better bus than paja blanco, but I felt guilty of not going to the pb booth after purchasing tickets from them for the last two days......
also 20 minutes early
also very much on time, in fact, right on 9:40am, no time to spare, bus leave after 30 seconds stop...
10:34alta gracia... not really
I thought the bus stop was Alta Gracia, I think....
wrong, it is Villa Bolsa something...
11:20Approaching Cordoba
12:03Alex hotel
next to bus station
room a bit small, no light because of renovation...
but it's very utilitarian
space is well used
hot water good
break simple but OK.
owner helpful, don't speak English.
hope they have light at night
breakfast 7 to 9:30am
13:17 Fpizza lunch at food court
14:01church of jesus companions

manzana jesuitica brochure

Sep 21, 2015 Mon
14:03manzana jesuitica brochure
14:19 Jesuit Church at Cordoba
14:34church of santa catalina
14:36Julio Incadona
14:37Jeronimo Luis
founder of Cordoba
14:40cathedral of Cordoba
14:48 Cathedral of Cordoba
15:01 Green Building near Plaza
15:07church at rivadavia
15:35colgio de la immaculada
15:38spanish house cordoba
16:09art museum
close Monday as expected
16:47banco de cordoba museum
just booked a tour to a colonial church, 330 half day in Nativo vieja?...
16:52 fancy toilet in banco museum
16:55 Banco Museum Window
16:58 Banco Museum
17:00 Banco Julioco
17:09colegio Tomado
17:17capuchin church
17:26Paseo del buen pastor
17:27Capuchin church
17:32Capuchin church
17:34Capuchin church
17:34 Capuchin church
17:39 Capuchin church
17:47 Capuchin church interior
17:53 Capuchin church front gate
17:58 Paseo del buen pastor
18:11 caged blue cow
18:12 insect flute
18:16 man and his reflection
18:23 Vulture Faucet
19:59dinner at Junior B
so many ice cream and cake places... almost no food restaurant is open, except McDonald... so go to some place like pizza hut... ordered veggie tacos and a beer
20:12 Fveggie taco at Junior B
89 pesos
taco surprisingly good, filled with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes...
20:43palacio museum at night
20:46emilio caraffa museum at night
20:51faro del bicentenario
centro cultural cordoba
20:53 faro del bicentenario plaza
centro cultural cordoba
20:54 faro del bicentenario tower
centro cultural cordoba
20:57 faro del bicentenario sunset
centro cultural cordoba
21:06giant slide of cordoba
I would have tried if my kid license has not expired yet...
23:55Sleep Alex Hotel
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