Salta to cachi

Sep 24, 2015 Thu
08:48Salta to cachi
08:49bus approaching salta
thought I didn't sleep but I actually did... feeling ok bc of the cama suite
09:02bought bus ticket
13:30 to cachi for 120 pesos
left luggage for 25p large backpack
09:09salta walk
The backpack I bought from Santiago broke apart.
I spent most of my time looking for a new backpack, the third backpack for this trip, hope this one will last... Bought the Elf backpack. An Argentina brand. The quality looks good. A backpack I kind of like.
10:43salta Cathedral
13:33bus to cachi
destination La Polma
120 peso
the bus has AC, much better than Paja Blanco...
passengers mostly Aboriginals....
16:00bus overcrowded
then broke down, now ac is not working, so not a good bus experience....
18:35Hostal de Las Tinajas
350 per night, include breakfast
19:45 cachi cathedral at night
no excursion tomorrow
wave collapsed again
now is simple
20:00 bread at Vjracocha restaurant
20:20Salta Beer at Vjracocha restaurant
28 pesos cheap but not good
like the bread and the salsa...
ordered a veggie crepe 88
creamy soup 55
beer 28
total 172 total
the restaurant is rather smallish, service a bit slow but there are many customers for such a small town...
20:31 creamy soup at Vjracocha restaurant
55 pesos
soup is OK, nothing to write home about...
23:55Sleep at Hostal de Las Tinajas
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