Cachi Valley Stroll

Sep 25, 2015 Fri
09:15Cachi Valley Stroll
09:49breakfast at Hostal de las Tinajas
go downstairs to pick up breakfast and enjoy it in my room. simple but ok..
10:52airport hike and valley stroll
11:10 Cachi town
11:20 cachi cemetry
11:21 tomb
11:26 cemetry panorama
11:40wine bottle cemetery
11:47 airport
12:00 Never Lamb at cachi airport
12:02 Hello Kitty at Cachi Airport
12:50 La Merced Hotel from afar
13:02La Merced Hotel
13:04 La Merced Hotel
13:15 old beater at Cachi
14:17Road to Las Carr ras
14:17 Road to Las Truncas
15:31 rolling hills and green fields
15:34 cactus view
16:43plastic bags
the local fora
18:50 Old ford old fart
19:08east viewpoint
call me not impressed
19:30dinner at Nevado de Cachi restaruant
19:30A stroll in the vallley
If I say the stroll in the valley is magical...
Blue sky, green hill, rolling fields, rustic farmers, dusty roads...
Just look at the photos.... will you believe it?
Or would you think my stroll in the valley is a complete waste of time... too many cars, too much dust, too much garbage, not enough views to impress...
19:37 breads at Restaurant Nevado de Cachi
I am more impressed by the food than the stroll
19:53 cheese empanada
20:01simple spaghetti
the main disk is less impressive...
20:13Restaurant Nevado de Cachi
23:55Sleep at Hostal de Las Tinajas
The hotel is simple, but have its rustic character, I kind of like it.
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