Sep 26, 2015 Sat
07:50bus to Salta
a bit disappointed at Cachi
just a bit, not too bad though...
so decide to go to Salta earlier...
this bus is a bit rustic... doubt it will be too much different from real one
07:55bus to Salta
looks empty for now, but I won't be deceived....
08:16 bus going to Salta
10:05stop at restaurant
same as it came from
10:09view near rest stop
11:57bus arrive Salta
bought bus ticket for 830 last three seats...
12:44Hotel La Posada del Parque
500 pesos, what a rip off, but I can't find any other hotels nearby, all full
the hotel is bad, it is worse than the 250 pesos hotels. If I pay 250, I won't complaint, but for 500, I expected most stuff to be working, but it doesn't. The water faucet won't turn off and is making water noise... shower faucet is broken, room is merely moderately clean... even for 250 pesos, it won't be my top choice... for 500, it is a text book scam... I was partially to blame, I was too lazy to walk further... wifi is barely working... noisy neighbourhoods... I can hear singing at 11pm...

also most blame should go to Jon in continental hotel, ripping me off for a fat profit...
13:26head to cambio
13:28san francisco church
13:33salta cathedral
13:50lunch at the corner restaurant
no veggie empanada too bad...
quite a hectic day... made the mistakes of picking wrong hotel...
perhaps changed too much money...
40 at 15.75 in Los Angeles cafe...
14:21ravioli at restaurant
not impressive but cheap..
82 total give 90
70 entry
the boy, el nino was in exhibition
last time I visited MAAM, I saw the girl in lightening. (the body was partially destroyed by lightening after bury.)
70 for entry
last one was cultural house
15:30salta plaza
15:31 salta plaza
15:36 Cathedral inside
15:42Convento San Bernardo
15:45 broken sausage dog

Salta MAAM brochure

Sep 26, 2015 Sat
16:17Salta MAAM brochure
16:56teleferico San Bernardo
17:00 salta panorama
17:13 salata water fall at mounttain
17:20 Hello Kitty at Salta
17:41 Salta trail to Mount Bernad
17:46 Salta Housing
18:06salta plaza
18:09Salta cathedral
18:09 Salta cathedral interior
18:18Plaza Belgrano
18:19salta police
18:37Pajcha Museum
50p entry
looked like closed, just need to press bell
19:11museo Pajcha
very strange...
a hectic visit...
19:25Legislative house
19:34 Salta Cathedral at night
19:36 Salta Cathedral at night from front
19:39 Night Time Salta Plaza
19:41 History Museum at night
19:44 night photo of a statue
19:46 San Francisco church at night
20:01dinner at La Higuerilla restaurant
ordered a fettuccine and sprite... no empanada again...wtf...
thought this restaurant was busy, turned out it was only a group dinner... maybe not such a good choice...
when the group leave, I will be the only one here...
tomorrow wake up early.... ugh....
7:00am bus, so freaking early...
20:05still have 199 pesos left
ordered a dinner around 100
still have a comfortable 90 pesos left...
20:09Salta today
seems a bit different from Salta yesterday...
much more busy...
more lights at night...
20:12Fettuccine at La Higuerilla restaurant
so far all pasta I have tried in Argentina had been pretty bad... probably the worst in the world... but I think it's mostly my luck... bad choice in restaurants... The pizza is also bad... well it was cheese only toppings... the pizza I have at food court is actually pretty good, the Junior B Pizza hut was pretty good too...

Pajcha Museum brochure

Sep 26, 2015 Sat
21:28Pajcha Museum brochure
23:05Sleep at La Posada del Parque
bad hotel, don't like
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