Bus to San Pedro

Sep 27, 2015 Sun
05:45Bus to San Pedro
06:39waiting for bus
still no sign of pullman bus yet...
the guy at hotel did instruct me on direction to bus station, so less spite for the scam...
07:10Bus to San Pedro
but bus is still checking in, it is a bit late...
the pullman semi cama is pretty decent, almost good as cama...
07:17Bus to San Pedro
07:38food on bus
tea or coffee, simple but better than nothing...
09:11Bus from Jujuy to San Pedro
my free double seat is gone...
revisited... the 7 coloured hill
11:55 Salar from bus
15:40 Atacama Desert
17:58arrived San Pedro
18:41Hostal Katarpe
30k with bathroom
20:09Dinner at La Estaka restaurant
just salad and sprite
good restaurant, pricey though
20:18booked tour from Mitampi Tour
105000 for 3 days 4 tours... well whatever...
should have found World White Tour first... couldn't find them...
20:30 FLa Estaciansa salad
much better than I expected..
expensive but sure...
11270 ouch... just salad and sprite... but I don't see cheap food around...
21:18 Chilean Flag during Lunar Eclipse
21:20 Red Lunar Eclipse
22:54 Red Lunar Eclipse
23:10 Red Lunar Eclipse
23:50 HKatarpe Hostal at night
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