San Pedro Piedras Rojas

Sep 28, 2015 Mon
06:30San Pedro Piedras Rojas
07:16Hostal Katarpe
owner friendly and helpful, good room, good wifi, hot water...cheap
07:19pick up from tour
don't speak English.... well
08:18Toconao town
08:31Toconao bell tower
church collapsed
08:44 Lonely Dog
09:24tropic de Capricorn
11:28 Desert of Piehras Rojas
11:45 Vicunas
11:58 Piedras Rojas
12:00 Piedras Rojas
12:07Andean seagull
here because tourist feeding...
volcano and baby volcanoes...
salt, borax
12:17 Piedras Rojas
12:17 Piedras Rojas Lagoons
12:23 Hello Kitty at Piedras Rojas
12:23 andean gull in Piedras Rojas
12:24 hello kitty on minivan in Piedras Rojas
12:28 Piedras Rojas Panorama
12:30 Altiplanic Lagoons
12:34 Altiplanic Lagoons
12:38 Altiplanic Lagoons
12:43 Altiplanic Lagoons
12:49 Altiplanic Lagoons
12:51 Altiplanic Lagoons
13:28heading to Paso Scio
13:36re lagoon or something
Piedras Rojas
13:40 Altiplanic Lagoons
13:41 Altiplanic Lagoons
13:41 Altiplanic Lagoons
13:49next one Altiplanic Lagoons
14:58 Laguna Miscanti
sure name...
altiptitude maybe next...
15:04next one little frog lagoon
15:11Miscanti lagoon still
15:50Laguna Minioues
Little frog lagoon
16:05ticket booth
17:01tour lunch in San Pedro one
18:18 Laguna de Chaxa
18:24Laguna de Chaxa
Sector Soncor
flamingo reserves
18:34 Laguna de Chaxa
18:52 Laguna de Chaxa
18:53 Laguna de Chaxa
18:53 Laguna de Chaxa
18:56 Laguna de Chaxa
18:58 Sparrow at Chaxa
19:24 Geyser Tatio

tour price

Sep 28, 2015 Mon
21:16tour price

Laugna de Chaxa brochure

Sep 28, 2015 Mon
21:17Laugna de Chaxa brochure
23:55Hostal Katarpe
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